SOE Discovers An Issue, Suspends Services

Great. Today was going quite nicely in terms of ‘normal’ news that won’t get us called names. Unfortunately the following message has been posted by Sony Online Entertainment:

“We have had to take the SOE service down temporarily. In the course of our investigation into the intrusion into our systems we have discovered an issue that warrants enough concern for us to take the service down effective immediately. We will provide an update later today (Monday).”

Fantastic. We will keep you updated with any further news, although apparently some SOE games are still playable offline.

Source: SOE via Joystiq



  1. This ain’t goooood.

  2. Oh, the irony…


    • My what a mature comment.

    • Someone phone me an ambulance vie just broke my ankle by stamping on the ground too hard having a hissy fit hmmmmm I could sue Sony for physical trauma… Now there’s a though

      • @fattyuk

        Stick to drinking cider in the park with all the other chavs, thanks.

      • *Apple juice.

    • Why post that? What’s the point in commenting in such a childish way? I’ve noticed more and more ‘members’ of the TSA community have become extremely immature- And that includes some staff. It’s a shame because the articles are still of the highest quality.

      • I’ve noticed that too, it seems to have started once PSN went down. Hopefully things will return to normal once it returns because TSA used to have one of the better communities.

      • it will improve when the PSN is back up FACT.

      • Judging by your comment, fattyuk, you’re perfectly aware that you’re being an annoyance to other readers…

        So why not grab a pair of scissors and go for a jog instead of being a d**k?

      • im pretty sure it was a joke

      • Sigh… its difficult to know whether he was joking or not because of all the other comments he’s been putting, all I can say is that I hope everyone just gets along when the PSN is restored.

    • Why?Why post this? I doubt that any fanboy would react like this over a game.This makes you look very inmature.

      • This was meant as reply to Fattyuk,don’t why it has been put here. Fattyuk,please stop the “funny”jokes.There are not funny, in fact they make my jokes seem funny.:O

      • Stop posting the unfunny jokes and stop spamming then you wouldn’t have to apologise.We welcome anyone’s opinion but the way it is expressed can be unwelcome sometimes.Please don’t post these types of comments again as it could reflect badly on the community.This is from TSA’s commenting policy.Any comments deemed to be ‘spam’ in nature by TheSixthAxis (such as ‘first’, ‘meh’ etc) may be removed and you may lose TSA Points or face a temporary ban. If you have nothing to contribute to the intelligent discussion, please refrain from commenting.

      • Create or contribute to a debate regarding the subject matter or don’t, just please stop spamming. You probably won’t be asked again.

      • fattyuk, my new favourite poster!

    • @fattyuk – You have an important PM. Please take the time to read it. Thanks.

      • Thanks AG, if im guessing what the PM roughly contains.

    • Nobody got that this was a joke. Haha.

      • Of course we get it’s a joke.
        Though a joke, it’s still a Caps Lock’d immature piece of flamebait. And it’s not his first, people are getting tired of such immaturity.

  4. Ah.. sony, sony…. well hope this doesn’t affect the PSN being restored. hehe

  5. Fair play. They owned up straight away. Said there was something wrong and turned it off.

  6. damn you Sony now I can’t play great games like…uh…

    • *clap* *clap* *clap*

    • Where are these idiots coming from?

      • *aimed at LJO

      • Ok. You didn’t think it was funny. You could have just said “not funny” but instead you go for the personal insult. Your comments detracts more from this site than LJOs ever did.

      • Thanks for the comment!

  7. Whats the problem ? we cant access PSN to play Socom or Free Realms anyway or is this effecting stuff like Planetside or Everquest on PC (if people even still play those)

  8. Lets be fair, Sony are doing what they can, along with their new internet security buddies to ensure the consumer gets the best service. If it takes a few fine tuning adjustments, then so be it…

    (goes back to playing ‘Zombies Ate My Neighbors’ on the SNES)

  9. It must be Bin Laden’s PSN ID

    • I thought you said he died last decade ;) ?

    • I heard a joke saying ‘The US Forces are at their best when the PSN is down’ lol

    • All the PSN Osama jokes lost there funniness after the millionth retweet in 15 seconds.

  10. Hmmm.

    If people’s details have also being pulled from another Sony system, what does that say about how seriously Sony take the protection of customer’s details they are entrusted with? Surely the initial breach would have caused their attention to switch to their other systems, to make sure they weren’t able to be breached in a similar way. Would have thought that would be something you learn on your first day in the workplace shortly after you’ve learnt how the boss like his tea.

    Will be interesting how this one pans out

    • Although, it’s good to see them announce something as soon as they’ve found out & not spin the ‘maintainence’ fib for the best part of a week, at least their PR team is learning even if there still exists a corporate indifference to data protection if the intrusion turns out to have been successful.

    • found some more details out… looks like its related to the initial intrusion, although they’re still sure SOE customer data (everquest, free realms, DCU online etc…) is OK they have found something, makes me wonder if its some sort of exploit/keylogger on the system so when Sony’s defences go back up – the hackers already have a ‘key to the lock’

      • If something ‘extra’ has been left in the system – a backdoor – then hopefully its discovery is closing any final loopholes in the Sony system.

        Hosever, this revelation may start tongues wagging that there maybe something that isn’t discovered, waiting in the dark. This hack is turning out to be an absolute invasion of Sony’s systems.

        I’m glad I’ve changed my debit card – still waiting for new one due to postal system and bank holidays – just in case.

      • Talking of complete invasion of Sony system does anyone wonder if they’ve seen any corporate secrets, emails etc such as the PS4 roadmap or whatever…

      • While it’s good that they actually told us this time, it’s kind of laughable that the division of Sony with “Online” in the name took over a week to realise that they’d been hacked…

        But yeah, I wouldn’t be surprised to see some secret Sony plans leak out, though I’m willing to bet that they treat their private information with respect, so who knows.

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