SOE Streamlines And Lays Off Staff

Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) has responded to some rumours that were flying around yesterday that there had been staff reductions to some of their operations. TSA contacted the publisher and has received the following response.

As part of a strategic decision to reduce costs and streamline its workforce, SOE announced today that it will eliminate positions in both its San Diego and Austin studios. This strategic alignment of resources better positions SOE to remain a global leader in online games, as well as to align development resources towards our current portfolio of MMOs and the highly-anticipated future installments of the EverQuest franchise, EverQuest Next Landmark and EverQuest Next.  


It’s never great to hear about job layoffs, but it’s understandable as Sony made a global loss in the gaming sector of $149 million during Q1 of 2013, though much of that was due to investment in the PS4. SOE did decline to comment on the exact numbers of staff laid off.

We at TSA wish those affected the best of luck with finding employment elsewhere.

Source: SOE Statement



  1. How sacking staff “better positions SOE to remain a global leader in online games” I’ll never know.

    • They’ll be trying to make a more streamlined operation by cutting the wage bill amongst other things. Sad for the folk losing they jobs.

    • You don’t know what type of jobs have gone. You have ASSUMED it’s developers, and this may or may not be the case.

      Either way if it is developers, focusing efforts on fewer higher quality games with less developers is one way…

      • Haven’t assumed its anyone, but clearly less staff will not help any company. There’s no way you can argue that.

      • Less staff in my company would definitely help it. To much dead eid gets in the way of progress and innovation.

      • You just refuse to see anything Sony do as a negative don’t you!!

    • You’re very argumentative, aren’t you Starman? All the comments from you seem to be unnecessarily negative towards Sony. Of course lay offs could ‘streamline’ a business. Sad to hear, indeed, but it’s not unheard of for a business to do that.

      • I just stand up for myself. And I simply questioned the pr spin of saying that layoffs would help the company, and found it funny how HG still tried to claim it would better the company.

        And as for being anti Sony, check my comments on these stories “ms points retired, rainbow 6 games with gold, halo on x1” then get back to me.

      • To be honest, Starman, Sony are still in a financial pickle and if layoffs means it can continue to make lovely hardware and games for us pixel-loving folk then so be it. I wish we could all have jobs wherever we fancy but, ultimately, Sony has to look after itself as a company.

        To quote you, I can see where you’re coming from here:

        “but clearly less staff will not help any company” but we need to tack on “to survive” and it starts to make more sense. Sony really have to start turning a consistent profit, quarter after quarter. Thankfully, Kaz actually appears to know what he’s doing. :-)

      • Fair points Mike. Its just the way the PR dept try to spin it as a positive that amuses me. If Sony need to save money its a logical move.

      • Oh, hell, that too. The way PR tries to spin stuff, let alone media websites too. Althought, TSA is about as behaved as I’ve found so far. The guys are all grounded and usually happy to call it how it is.

        Sony are slowly turning it around and the momentum they’ve gathered in 2013 will hopefully see a positive bump in their fortunes very soon.

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