Resistance 3 Demo Bundled With Battle: LA Blu-ray

So most of you know that Resistance 3 will be getting a multiplayer demo courtesy of PlayStation Plus (or SOCOM for those in the US). The game will also be getting a single player demo, which will be bundled with the Blu-ray copy of the film ‘Battle: Los Angeles’, launched mid-June.

The demo will consist of the train yard sequence we have seen before, which looks pretty darn good.

Source: G4



  1. Could be US only this, in fact most probably………

  2. Insomniac stated on Twitter that it’s just North America that the announcement relates to, but states there’ll be news soon

  3. this announcement is for the us only.

    there’s only one quote i feel that does this justice.

    “Oh there’s a big surprise! That’s an incredible – I think I’m going to have a heart attack and die of not surprise”

  4. The film is bloody terrible; this is the only way they’ll sell any copies.

    • Agreed, I thought it might pick up so sat through the entire film and was VERY disappointed.

      A good idea that’s been proven to work executed VERY poorly. Keeping an eye out for the Resistance 3 billboard was the best part.

  5. US only? paaaaarp. Oh well hopefully us poor EU gamers get something similar.

  6. im liking! hopefully more stuff like this will come in the future

  7. Hopefully we’ll get it with a decent movie.

  8. I liked the film.

  9. No real surprise given the blatant Resistance 3 advertising in the movie. for what it is, it wasn’t bad. I didn’t go in there thinking it was going to be deep in story. I felt it looked a lot like BFBC2 in the way some of the characters were styled and the looking down the scope all the time…..aprt from the aliens that is

  10. I remember the good old days when demos were just free…

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