Domain Registrations Point To Two New Wipeout Games

Whilst the PSP has had ample Wipeout love over the last few years, the poor PS3 hasn’t been so lucky. We are wondering if this is set to change as domain registrations point to not one, but two new Wipeout games.

Titled Wipeout Trinity and Wipeout 2048, one surely must be the NGP titled that was showcased at the handheld’s reveal. We also wonder if ‘Trinity’ might be a HD collection for the PS3. Of course nothing official has been announced, but E3 is ever so near…

Source: SystemLink



  1. I’ve been playing WipEout games since the PSOne days. I’d definately get a PS3 HD collection of the PSP games if true….

  2. Why the need for a HD collection its a racing game unless they’re gonna add most of the tracks of every game OMG… A new Wipeout thats much like Wip3out and Wipeout Fusion would be so cool.

  3. I would love a new PS3 Wipeout. HD was great.

  4. Aw yeah, I love WipEout :)

  5. get in there definitly day 1 purchase for me if its true. with the closure of studio liverpool i thought wipeout had gone to the arcade in the sky as it were, so glad it may be ressurected.

    • Good news for you djsunna , it didnt close . Its only a mile or so from where i live , Sony just did a little streamlining .

  6. Wipeout 2048? Good grief, that’ll make me 65 by the time it turns up. Oh dear, that was bad, I’ll let myself out.

    I’ve loved Wipeout since I received the original alongside my first Playstation and talk of new games is always a nice thing to read. :)

  7. I’ll be getting them both.
    I’m a late convert to Wipeout. TOCA, Rollcage and Gran Turismo had me on PS1, Burnout and Gran Turismo had me on PS2. Then the PSP’s launch came, I picked up Wipeout Pure, and never looked back. (That’s not true- I picked up Burnout Legends a few weeks later, but were unbelievably good)
    Since then, my racing time seems to have been split between Wipeout and Burnout, with Wipeout’s speed making it my favourite.

  8. I love WipEout, the games the speed, the whole world that the races exist in. Can not wait!

    My hopes from this.

    Trinity is the original 3 games remade in HD. Love the tracks from WipEout, 2097 and Wip3out!

    And then I want 2048 to be a whole new game, with tracks never before seen.

    While we are at it make them on NGP and PS3 and throw in cross platform multiplayer.

  9. YES!! My most played PSN game (which i think has the best graphics of this game generation – i sometimes just travel around with weapons off on low speed to admire the 1080p60 scenery!)

    And it also features the best mp3 decoder going, i cannot find the same clarity (at all sound frequencies) anywhere else.

    So i’m quite happy. *goes to jump round room*

  10. Havent played since ps1 outing, however my bro is constantly on hd. He’ll be uber happy.

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