The Darkness II Gets A Release Date

2K Games has today announced that The Darkness II, developed by Digitial Extremes, will launch on October 4th in the States, and internationally three days later, on October 7th. The original title released back in 2007, and was universally praised for its engaging narrative (torn from the pages of The Darkness comic series) and solid blend of both unique and conventional mechanics. Expect to hear a lot more from The Darkness II during next month’s E3 conference.



  1. This reminds me a of a community feature you guys did back that I didn’t get into at the time where TSA and the community played a game simultaneously with people giving their opinions as they went on throughout the course of the game. Any word of something like that returning? I thought it was an excellent idea.

    • I don’t know if we’re allowed to comment on what’s going on behind the scenes, but we are working on some new projects/features for you guys to get involved in. I think you will likeeeeee.

    • Ah yes, Pixl’s fondly remembered TSA Play Thru. Shame we never got further into the game. Trouble is some features can work out quite time-consuming to write/run given the relatively small number of readers who get actively involved contrary to the amount of initial expressed interest.

      • Yeah like I say I enjoyed the idea but never got involved. Guess I can only blame myself for some features not having a prolonged shelf-life. Sorry.

  2. Loved the first, can’t wait!! <3

    • Same :)
      Read a good write up on this in a gaming mag I buy, looking good!

  3. Wow, that’s a surprise. Might have to dust off the original during the downtime.

  4. Loved the first one and the trailer for the second looks very nice :)

  5. Awesome, perfect date closer to Halloween lol.
    Going to check out the trailer now =D

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