Ubisoft Motion Pictures Launched

Ubisoft are branching out with the launch of Ubisoft Motion Pictures, a new division of the company to adapt its games into films and television programmes. Ubisoft already own Montreal-based visual effects house Hybride Technologies who have worked on Sin City, 300 (this is etc), Predators, Avatar, and… wait for it… Snakes on a Plane!

No projects have been announced for the new company but the recent success of the live action Assassin’s Creed: Lineage could be an indicator of things to come. Driver, Rainbow Six and Far Cry are other possible adaptations.


The recent Prince of Persia film was considered by some to be a flop even though it made $330 million at the box office as it cost over $200 million to make.

Source: Variety



  1. The quality of movies based on games has certainly improved over the last few years.

  2. Video game films made by a video games company. They can’t be any worse than those made by dedicated film studios surely? I recently re-watched Mortal Kombat and Super Mario Bros films, great fun.

    • didn’t capcom produce the two live action street fighter movies?

      aren’t they regarded as two of the worst video game movies? apart from uwe boll’s stuff of course.

  3. Gotta be Splinter Cell

    • Hey, buddy! I found out that one of the movies that should be made first is RAINBOW-SIX. Search google it’s buzzing

  4. Well would a Rainbow Six movie be based on the game, or the Tom Clancy book that the game is based on?

  5. This is awesome :D i can’t wait to see what they make, the prince of persia film was pretty good imo!

    • i thought PoP movie was amazing

      • ye same here, i thought Prince of Persia was great :) it was all the people who had never played the game slating it

  6. I have to say, a $130 million profit is definitely a flop in my eyes.

  7. We Dare the movie, now I’d buy that for a dollar! (Actually I wouldn’t)

  8. CSI? Oh wait…

    • Hey, buddy! I found out that one of the movies that should be made first is RAINBOW-SIX. For years now the rights were sold but was never in mind to create the movie until now. Also, they recenlty signed a director.

  9. Lineage clearly passed me by completely, until now. Seems pretty good from the first 5 mins.

  10. There is no secret Ubisoft would one day take one of their best master piece by Tom Clancy and transform it into a worldwide movie! The steps were already taken years ago but were never established until now. For exmaple: 1. Director for Rainbow Six movie signed (Checked) 2. Rumors buzzing for the new rainbow six game and a movie (Checked) 3. The rights to shoot the movie sold (Checked). That being said I am so excited to see the outcome of this experiment. Best wishes for Ubisoft and my best video game series RAINBOWSIX!!

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