PSN: PSP And PS3 Users To Get Free Games

Earlier today we brought news that Sony would be providing a year’s free identity theft insurance to US PSN users in the wake of the recent attacks, and the company have now given a bit of an update on how that will work here in the EU.

Writing on the PlayStation Blog, Nick Caplin, SCEE Head of Communications had this to say:


As I have explained previously, creating a similar [identity theft protection] offering for the many countries within the SCEE region is a very complicated process. Each country has a different way of handling identity theft; some offer relatively sophisticated services whilst others are much more modest.

We are currently in the process of identifying how we manage this situation and once the programme is ready to launch, we will provide details of exactly which services are available in each country and explain how to sign up. We hope to do this early next week.

Caplin also gave a little more information of what exactly will make up the ‘Welcome Back’ package that will go live when the Network returns. PS3 users will be able to choose two games from a list of five, whilst PSP users will be able to choose two from a list of four. It’s unclear if the PS3 games will be full downloads like the ones that have recently begun appearing on the Store, or just the smaller PSN titles, and equally it’s not mentioned if those who own a PS3 and PSP will be entitled to both offers, a choice between them, or a mix of the two. The package has previously been confirmed to include a free 30 days of PlayStation Plus and extensions to Plus and Qriocity subscriptions.

As far as when the Network itself will be back up, Caplin gave no further information: “Please be assured that we are continuing to work around the clock to have some PlayStation Network and Qriocity services restored and will provide you with specific details shortly.” The last we heard, the plan was to get limited access online by the end of this week.

Source: EU PS Blog



  1. Sounds quite generous to me.

  2. I hope the games they offer will be decent bunch and not just old stuff you can buy from £5.

    • i reckon they will be mid priced games between the £5 – £8 mark…..i just hope they aren’t minis as they don’t have trophy support!

      • You’re missing out if you’re willing to dismiss the minis for not having trophies, there are some real gems.

      • i have enough ‘shovelware’ type games on my iphone. the way i look at it is that a game has to be desvering of my attention, and be onion like. i’m not a fan of the kill 5 mins by playing angryzombiefarmville or the like, and the retro scene doesn’t do much either for me. i understand others are attracted to these types, and probably would enjoy a few of them but lets be honest-bandwith and hdd space are becoming more and more of a valuable commodity, so i want quality over quantity. that make sense?

        oh and trophies as well ;)

  3. awesome 2 ps3 and 2psp games!!!!!! and you can choose!!!(from 5) which is something great.

    • To prevent people from complaining if they already have them, no doubt.

      • Being Nostradamus reincarnated I predict:

        -Some people will complain because they have some/all of the games
        -Some people will complain because they don’t like the games
        -Some people will complain that it’s not the games they wanted
        -Some people will complain that it’s only two games.
        -Three people will complain that their s.o. is too busy playing the games to give them the attention and love they were getting while PSN was down.

      • what’s an s.o.?

      • I think it means significant other your better half usually

      • “Significant Other” ?

      • That makes more sense

  4. Most probz will be PSN Minis.

    • i hope not. but then again a freebie is a freebie

    • if it’s minis then they can f*** off! so long time with no cod online for a free mini f*** that. lol

      • Yeah, how dare they give us free stuff without trophies or deathmatches. Makes me sick.

  5. Is this per account or per PS3/PSP?

    • I would presume per account.

      • So I have mine & my brother’s accounts on my PS3, potentially could get four of the five games?
        It just seems a bit too exploitable.

      • And I’ve got a Japanese, American and UK account. If thats 2 per account then fucking hell thats a lot!

      • i guess that’s just a risk they’ll have to take, their main concern right now will probably be regaining some goodwill with their customers.
        and what about people’s overseas accounts?
        although they could prevent abuse of that by not letting you download the free games from an account from a different region.

      • u say per account, well i have 3, very nice :) ill be getting all the games then

      • If Sony claim there are ‘X’ million PSN accounts then they will presumably compensate all of them. I guess some people will blag more games by using their other region accounts but i won’t – partly because i would feel guilty and partly because i .. um .. forgot the passwords for the emails i used. :P

      • i have two other accounts as my friend hacked one of them for call of duty, annoying, and the other for my brother, simples, kinda forgot the passwords as well

      • It’ll either be per account or Sony will have to own up to the fact its not 77m accounts, but 25-30m + duds & dupes, which could be counter-productive to the corporate line.

        For example Sony have said 9m accounts were hacked in the UK alone despite there being 4m PS3 sales, with probably 2/3rds – 3/4qtrs of them activating accounts online

      • I think it would have to be per PS3 as other wise there is nothing stopping someone starting several accounts on their ps3 and getting all the games? Which would be sweet if I’m wrong :D

      • It’s a Welcome “Back” program so i guess that only people who were registered before the 20th get the free games and psplus…

      • my accounts are active though, they have a few hundred trophies on each, and were signed into 2 weeks before the hack

      • why do i care anyway

  6. I know that they don’t HAVE to offer anything (although a gesture of goodwill is probably called for to be fair), but i think i would have preferred credit in my PSN wallet for when the store came back up (or something).

    Likelihood is with this that it will be similar to plus – I will either have the games already, or they will be games i never wanted in the first place. Plus, HDD space is becoming a bit of an issue for me… :/

    Not that i am not appreciative of course!

    • +1

    • Most probably they will all be first party games. That way they don’t lose that much money.

      • If it’s per PS3, I think third parties have lost enough from this ;)

    • I doubt they would want to add actual cash to you’re PSN, bad publicity! ” Playstation repay 77 million users $15 costing them $1,155,000.000 “. At least offering free games it comes across as being the nice guy. I’m more than happy with there offers!

      @ forest_01 blade steels post did come true maybe he might be nostradamus ;o)

      • Nah, he was just playing the odds – Someone was bound to say something about it some time & it just happened to be me!

        Although, i should point out that i wasn’t actually complaining about it as i am appreciative for the gesture (like i said, they don’t HAVE to do anything), i was just stating fact that the likelihood is that i either already have the games, or wasn’t interested in them in the first place. It’s exactly why i have never signed up to Plus.

  7. MAG, LBP, Flower, Fat Princess, Warhawk (maybe inFamous).
    That’s what I think, anyway…

    • Had MAG and Warhawk. Have LBP. Only one I’ve missed is Flower

    • I’d guess MAG, LBP, inFamous, Warhawk, MotorStorm: PR or something. Likely all first party ones.

      For PSP I’d assume they will be the same ones on that ‘free ten games’ promotion, or at least the first-party ones from that.

      • warhawk would be a nice addition to get some interest, and some new blood/players before details of ‘starhawk’ are released

      • That won’t be much consolation to anyone who already bought that PSP 10 game deal! :)

        I’m thinking they might offer something new, to avoid clashing with PS+ and also i think long term customers might not be overjoyed with a choice of 5 ‘old’ games which they very likely already own or have no interest in. Looking forward to seeing what’s on offer but bearing in mind that even with PSN’s revival imminent, we could still be waiting a few more weeks for the store to comeback online.

      • It best not be them I have all of them! that would be a big pain in the back side!

    • I’d like all but LBP as I was in on PS+ from day one. I don’t download games and by the introduction of PS+ I don’t think I ever will, just on the off chance it comes free.

      I so so so hope PSN is back by sunday because I’ve been away from my PS3 since mid April and have not even been able to witness the PSN Maintenance statement yet! And thus I hope I never will. Anyhoo this offer to show sony customers thank you for patience is great no matter what rubbish they throw at us for free like a mini or 3.

    • MAG would be a good one, because the game itself is dying and it need more players.

      • That would be a good idea although I’ve got MAG already but would be brilliant if the game got abit more attention as I think it’s fantastic and with the fact that the game now compared to what it was on release day has completely changed!

    • Flower is 1 i would like and would love to have Wipeout HD and the Fury back on my PS3 since i lost it due to YLOD (no compensation for that though is there).

      • How could you loose wipeout due to ylod? You can just re download it

  8. super rub-a-dub will be in that list,but my little boy loves that game lol

  9. I hope there’s a game or two that I’ll want.

  10. im sure its 2 games out of a list of 5 lol

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