Hackers Post 2,500 Users Details, Sony Removes Them

A report from Reuters yesterday claimed that hackers had posted the user details of some 2,500 Sony sweepstake contestants, but that the company had later got them removed.

The data wasn’t from the current PlayStation Network but was connected to the “continued attacks of Sony,” said a Sony spokesperson.  The user info, which didn’t include credit cards or passwords, was from an “out of date” website which was also compromised in the attacks.


Sony say they have removed the published information from the internet.

The PlayStation Network remains down, despite Sony claiming it would be up “within a week” back on the 30th of April – gamers, developers and publishers eagerly await the ability to play games (and, in the case of those currently unable to sell their games on the Store, make some money).

Sony may be offering a reward to anyone that can assist with finding the hackers.



  1. perhaps all they got was outdated details? I for one haven’t changed where I live/my name/date of birth .etc though.

  2. This still seems to be spiralling out of control and a case of one step forward two back. Great job on all the news reports and tidbits though TSA.

  3. oh dear god, now Sony is asking for our help? now I’m getting worried Sony have lost complete control. I will still hold onto this candle of hope but this is information discomforting…

    If PSN ends up completely broken, Sony will soon follow the same path, most likely filled with law suits or maybe a system where they buy back their consoles… I just don’t know, if Sony can’t resolve this people will be pissed…

    • Calm down dear, it’s only a news report.

      Personally, I’m glad they’ve started publishing bits and pieces of data stolen from Sony. The more they try and use the data they stole the greater chance that they will leave a digital trail right back to themselves. Then we can jail these mother-f*ckers and get back to the important stuff like gaming and trophy syncing,

    • I don’t see how them asking for our help is a bad thing. Would it make more sense for them to refuse outside help and simply pursue the hackers on their own? No, not really. I think offering a reward is a good idea – hopefully one of them will cave, grass them all up, and we can get back to normality and trophy syncing!

      • Absolutely. The price of a reward would be considerably less than they would have to spend on trying to conduct the search themselves. Also, without someone grassing them up, I doubt they’d ever catch the perp

    • Relax… its just a report and theres nothing wrong in with a extra hand. The FBI rewards people if they captured a criminal they were after, the FBI offered award for the information or capture of Bin Laden, the US Special Forces still handled it them selves.

      • The US government ws offering a $20 million reward to anyone who had information on finding bin laden! Does that mean the entire country should be worried about themgoverment? Don’t think so!!

  4. What an odd thing to post. Either they don’t have as much as Sony thought, or they are using something small to show they definitely have data. The equivalent of mailing a bloodied finger.

  5. It doesn’t look good at all

  6. what a bunch of prats(the hackers)

    • Yep

    • Yeah, I’m getting pretty bloody sick of this shit. The sooner they’re found the better. I can only hope they reside in a country that’s liberal with the use of capital punishment.

  7. all i want to know is ‘truthfully’ when will it be back online and stop with the lie’s id be happy if they said like a month instead of teasing us grrrr

    • They gave a rough estimate with the knowledge they had at the time. This whole situation is evolving constantly. I don’t think most of us can comprehend the complexity of the problem at hand.

      If it takes a month to put the walls back up but this time reinforced with titanium and lasers, then so be it.

      • Well said

      • Yeah I understand that in the begining and completely agree the problem was underestimated but by now there must be some sort of tiny, minute, mini , small understanding ‘holy crap this may take a little bit longer then a week’ if there isnt and there still clueless then they must have a fair few muppets working for Sony ! (obviously)

      • Wanna make it clear I friggin love my PS3 (marriage if possible) just getting a little bit stupid now not knowing ..I even played an original nes emulator the other day ….god help me

      • I agree, it’s a super complicated situation, I don’t think many people are taking that into account. It’s not just switch it off and on again.. I also want those titanium & laser walls in my house..

      • I agree, it’s a super complicated situation, I don’t think many people are taking that into account. It’s not just switch it off and on again.. I also want those titanium & laser walls in my house..

  8. amazing TSA… always see what i need to here

    although i love my ps3, i am serioulys thinking about dusting off the 360 in the loft and buying 3 months of live, its awful to say it, but im getting mocked by my own friends who have already switched… and they were hardcore ps3 fanboys

    its starting to grind on me now, especially when its like my relief from day to day work and family life. shame…

    • I can’t see anything wrong with wanting to play on your XBox whether PSN is up or down. It’s not like it has to be one system or the other, Hell! just play on both of them and get the Wii dusted off for good measure whils’t charging you’re PSP and 3DS.

      • My point being that I don’t understand the mentality of you’re mates and thousands like them that believe you must be “with us or against us”….Sony or MS and sever all ties with the unchosen console.

      • spot on freezebug, at the end of the day, it’s about enjoying playing games.
        this trend hasn’t always been there, when i had a spectrum & some mates had a commodore, there was none of this. a recent trend that i doubt will go away anytime soon.

    • Say it ain’t so …. no Uncharted, Little Big Planet, Killzone?

  9. I sent this in yesterday from Rory Cellan-Jones tweet – did you guys get it?

  10. so much for the freedom fighter image these hackers are trying to cultivate.

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