Alan Wake 2 Appears On A CV

Looks like Alan Wake 2’s in development, if a certain LinkedIn profile is to be believed.

Discovered by German site GamesWelt, the profile owners claims to have been at Halon Entertainment as a pre-vis artist, and lists “Alan Wake 2” [In-Game Cinematic] as one of the projects worked on.


Halon Entertainment worked on one of the Halo: Reach trailers.

Of course, hardly concrete evidence and there’s little to go on, but it’s the first we’ve heard of a sequel for a while so it’s a start, at least.

Via GAF.



  1. I’m not sure if this is to be expected or not…?? On the one hand, it’s a good game that deserves a sequel. On the other hand, it didn’t sell anywhere near enough

  2. “first we’ve heard of a sequel”
    Except for the TSA E3 Bingo list.


    • Im sure info on a sequel was back in march when they said that it was a business risk putting it on 360!

  3. Would love a sequel on Alan Wake, was one awesome game

    • I loved it too. I was looking forward to it back when it was supposed to be on PS3 and I really enjoyed the finished product.

  4. Brilliant-i’ve got this on my bingo sheet!

  5. Is it Halo or Halon Entertainment? :)
    I wish Alan Wake woud somehow find it’s was to the PS3 but I guess Microsoft will make sure it stays on the 360. The first game probably didn’t sell quite enough to justify the additionally needed manpower to go multiplatform anyways. Shame.

    • I remember an article a while ago about the choice not to go multi platform being about quality more than money. It’s a shame because if they actually had gone multi platform then the it may have done better being that there is already a pretty big psychological horror fanbase there with Silent Hill.

      There again, AW i one of the games that is pushing me to pick up a 360 so…

      • As far as I know they didn’t have the ressources to develop Alan Wake for the 360 AND PS3 so they decided to focus on one platform and took the easy way.

      • Hmm that very well may be the case, my mind is rather foggy on the subject really. Still, I don’t know how the whole deal went down whether MS jumped in before Sony could get there or Sony just refused, but I really feel they would have had a much better chance if they had gone with the PS3, for the reason I stated before about fanbases etc. But it’s all if’s and but’s now, MS secured the deal and at least there will be a sequel despite low sales of the original.

        I just wish other games could have the same treatment, such as Mirror’s Edge.

  6. Excellent
    Some aspects of the gameplay need freshening up and adding to just to maintain interest over the game’s campaign, but more of the same in terms of tone and location would be much appreciated

    Drop the ‘look at our clever, ambiguous ending’ though – I like a good ‘make your own mind up’ ending in my TV/games/films, but not to the point where it seemed to come from out of nowhere. Alan Wake’s ending was more The Departed than The Sixth Sense

  7. Hmmmmmmmmm

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