New Modern Warfare Dubbed “Project Collossus”

The next Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (the third) is apparently penned for an 8th of November release, according to multiple sources (collated by Eurogamer).

In addition, supermarket chain has the game down on their till system as “Call of Duty: Project Collossus” which, it appears, makes it one of the site’s sources.  Handy.


The rumours are expected to continue for a little while, the hype building only a good thing for Activision’s (and, indeed, the industry’s) biggest IP, although the publisher’s financial results conference call kicks off at half nine tonight.

Project Collossus, or whatever it’s called, will be going up against EA’s Battlefield 3.



  1. I have been disappointed with the last two CODs so I think I’ll be going for Battlefield this time

    • Isn’t it a bit early to judge? Though Battlefield 3 has made me need jaw surgery.

      • Not really. If I had two coffees from Costa Coffee that were both a bit bitter and one from Starbucks that was quite nice. I’m more likely to go to Starbucks next time. Maybe Costa have an incredible new recipe now but it’s too late really.

        Obviously if everyone who has the new Costa coffee tells me it’s incredible, I might give it a go, I am not exclusive with my coffees or FPSs

      • Good response Mr dusty…

    • both will be a day one for me.
      (two totally different playstyles, therefore i enjoy bf/bfbc2 & cod in different ways)

      • same here. I’ll be getting both. I always enjoy IW’s COD efforts, Hope this one doesnt let me down

    • what if mw3 & every cod after, had larger maps & destructiable environments. (wink, wink, cough cough & that’s not a trapped nerve & a cold i have:)

  2. Interesting choice of name.
    Blizzard’s new MMO is called Project Titan.
    Like Titan, Collosus connects to the term Massive.
    Massively Multiplayer Online

  3. With a name like that, I’m actually quite interested. Perhaps this one will be different?

    • i wouldn’t bet on it. ^_^

      • they a different every 2nd year, too much so for me.

    • only if most of the battles take place on the back or limbs of a colossus, and at least one battle inside a different colossus (must be a different colossus).

    • i just read it will be very different. this is going to best year for games so far.

  4. Oh, shocking. Everybody knows it will be colossal. It’s Call of Duty, after all.

  5. I bet the final boss is going to be a Colossal Osama Bin Laden, and you have to climb up his body, as he rampages around Northern Pakistan, shooting laser bolts out of his eyes, before you can explode his head.

    Or something.

  6. A collosal 6 hrs single player campaign!

    • Quite an investment of time there.

    • A collosal 6hrs single player campaign that has men shouting military jargon that’s almost entirely made up, people going ‘america! We’re no.1!’ and slow-mo sequences that have people flying as if they’ve been hit by a cannonball.

    • You need to try being as cr#p as me at the single player campaigns as I seen to be able to make them last 50% longer than most people.

    • can’t be any shorter than kz3 surely:) which didn’t kill the game, far too easy aswell.

  7. I thought release would have been on the eleventh, so it would be 11/11/11.
    It’s going to be HUGE no matter what, and I can’t wait! :D

    • That’d have put it in direct competition with Skyrim … kind of dangerous, even for the might of CoD.
      I hope sales don’t suffer for either product personally, Uncharted must be very close too. November is going to be pretty massive.

      • Pretty sure COD would beat Skyrim easily. Thing how how many millions of COD fanboys there are?

      • I don’t even know what skyrim is. Fact.

      • Its okay – I haz googled.

        I’ll be buying Battlefield.

      • different genres. most people will be interested in COD as its mainstream and easy to access but for hardcore gamers chances are it’ll be skyrim

    • Mmmm Skyrim or another CoD…the choices??

      Skyrim hands down. In fact anything in November loses to Skyrim and Uncharted. People should release a month earlier or a month later.

      • shit! Novemeber is gonna be expensive! I’ll be buying COD, U3, BF3 and skyrim (to keep the mrs sweet ;) ). Better get saving!

    • I really hope they don’t release a warfare based game on Remembrance Day.

  8. Hands up who’s surprised? No-one? Thought so. Anyway, i’ll stick to uncharted and skyrim for my to buy list.

  9. Both COD & Battlefield 3 will be well worth getting, and I’ll be bagging copies as soon as possible.

    • i salute you & may see you on both battlefields.
      long may cod & bf/bfbc remain different, so i can enjoy them both.

  10. Just because the series being what it is, as you say, the industry’s biggest IP, I’m always interested to see what’s in the CoD games even though I’ve not bought one for a few years, I always rent to play through the story which is admittedly short though never fails to be entertaining.

    I wonder if the faith is still in the series from the huge fanbase considering all the wrangling with Infinity Ward? Be interesting to see how it performs sales-wise.

    • well, i don’t like coffee, i’d rather have a hot chocolate, with whipped cream on top, you know, the stuff out of a can.

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