Enslaved Sales Hits 730,000 Units

Remember a while back we reported that Enslaved had only sold 460,000 units, despite a 1 million unit target? Well things are looking slightly better now as it has been confirmed the game is currently at 730,000.

No doubt this leap in sales is due to the fact you can pick it up for a teeny, tiny cost at the minute. I think we should try and push Enslaved past the million mark, with perhaps some free pictures of Tuffcub doing the ‘blue steel’ pose as a celebratory prize.



Source: Namco Bandai



  1. excellent game, everyone should give it a go!

  2. C’mon folks get the game brand new (not pre-owned) lol. It’s fantastic might replay it this weekend to polish off some trophies and really need the PSN up so that I can purchase the DLC.
    Fantastic game – was fun playing it for the weekend.
    Go Monkey go!

    • there’s DLC?? nice one, add that to the list!

  3. Great game despite having a lousey ending. Still one of my favourite SP games though

    • I liked the ending! Really fantastic character development and some of the most memorable gaming moments on this gen for me.

      • I agree that the ending was weak – *spoiler* if not for anything else than the visual format change.
        But I loved the game, and I might consider picking it up a second time.

      • Really? I thought the character development was more than foreseeable from the get go. Classic hate relationship that turns into a love relationship after the duo went through some life threatening situations.
        The story was pretty straight forward until the end and the combat system was flawed. It was a good game but not as great as some people here claim it to be.

      • “It was a good game but not as great as some people here claim it to be”

        It’s really awesome when someone says that my opinion is better than yours.

        I personally think it was an awesome game and hope for a sequel some day.

      • I’m sorry. I should have added “In my opinion…” before my last sentence. Thought it was clear since I started the comment with “I thought…”.

    • Actually the ending pushed it from a 75% to a 89% in my book. But good looking game, simple combat system, which worked oki though, but some areas of the could have used a bit more tweaking.

      • Yes the plot is somewhat derivative but when you break down any plot to its most basic level than it is usually a simple tale. It is the subtlety that I adored in the game, the perfect voice acting and the superb facial animations really let you get a feel for the characters and this is what made it special for me.

  4. 730,001. I bought it recently and I’ll probably download the dlc too. Great game.

  5. Have to agree. Loved it when it was out originally. Picked it up and started playing it again over the weekend. Still love it.

    • I agree with everyone 100% and if you take the DLC, the whole game is Actual 3D on PS3!

  6. Would the photo be emailed or sent through the post?…

    • If through the post…. s*** disturbing

  7. I bought this last week, only played the first 2 chapters so far but love it!
    Just need to find a way to get out of this decorating lark and thus get more time to play it lol

  8. Yeah its at the correct price point that says… Awe! okay I’ll buy it

  9. ill be buying it soon! so 730,002.

  10. My copy got lost in the mail… literally :-(

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