FIFA 12 Coming To The 3DS

EA have today announced that a 3DS version of the upcoming FIFA 12 is in the works. Set to launch this Autumn, the game is being touted as EA’s most feature-rich handheld title and will include unique touch screen controls as well as an all new “3D Street Football” off-shoot.

Featuring over 500 licensed teams, FIFA 12 for the 3DS will also come with a variety of modes, including Career Mode, Tournament Mode and Be A Pro, as well as head-on 11 vs. 11 online matches which will enable the platform’s wi-fi connectivity. The previously mentioned Street Football will drop players into a 5-on-5 throwdown, situated in an urban pitch which has been distorted to enhance the 3D visuals.


Whether or not Street Football will use the same mechanics as FIFA 12 or opt for a more FIFA Street vibe has yet to be revealed, though the former sounds more likely. EA also have yet to announce any form of SpotPass/StreetPass functionality.

Source: Press Release



  1. Somewhat impressed by the online capabilities however I cannot wait to see what they announce for NGP!

  2. This will be the title what will make up my decision on whether to buy one – cant wait!

  3. If players can’t swear in the cameras and are not able to get banned then that would be disappointing, why not make use of the microphone?

  4. Loving fifa 10th on xperia play so could be interesting…..

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