FIFA Euro 2012 DLC Looks Lush

It’s not a lot to go on but it’s nice to see something more of FIFA 12’s UEFA Euro 2012 DLC. These screens show France, England, Italy and Croatia in little snapshots of gorgeously modelled football goodness.

The DLC is due on the 24th of April and will cost the princely sum of £15.99 on PSN or 1800MSP on XBLA.



  1. Woah thats some expensive DLC, especially considering this is (im assuming) just some extra teams and tournaments?

    • Still cheaper than a £40/£30 boxed release though!

      • Exactly. They used to release this as a game in it’s own right and charge full whack for it.

      • It was a completely different game though, not just a pack of kits and stadiums and a new game mode.

      • What’s to say that they haven’t tweaked gameplay as well? They could easily do that through an update. Don’t think they even have to change the core game for that either.

        Basically, i see no reason why this can’t be exactly the same as if they released it in a box on shelves. Just cheaper. Which has to be good right?

    • ..and a new mode.

    • Don’t really see how you can moan tbh mate.

    • Ahh ok, not as bad as I thought then. Ignore me :D

      • Yeah, EA should probably avoid calling it DLC though because at a glance it is quite a lot. If they said ‘Full Game Add-on’ or something along those lines, however, they might be onto something

      • They often call these things, expansion packs.

  2. The second picture.. is it me or does the goalie (the one of the far left) look mighty pissed off that no one else is joining in The Timewarp?

    • It’s either that, or he is trying to start the trend of ‘the angry macarena’

  3. PFFT! This is so silly. International teams are already on FIFA, as well as the ability to create a tournament. Why would anyone in their right mind hand £15 over to EA just to stick the Euro 2012 logo on it? O_O

    • Perhaps if you actually understood what was included in the DLC you wouldn’t have that opinion.

  4. Dlc is cracking thinking here. Cracking.

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