Euro 2012 Expedition Trailer Released

EA has released a trailer explaining the Expedition mode that will appear in the UEFA Euro 2012 DLC for FIFA 12.


Expedition Mode allows you to build your own fantasy team and challenges you to beat all 53 teams in Europe. It looks like the players awarded to you from each nation after defeating them is randomly selected, this happening in 3 stages. Beat a team once and you get a reserve player, twice and you get a substitute player,  three times and you get a starting 11 player. To get best players from all the nations you’ll have to play at least 159 matches.

The Euro 2012 DLC launches 24th April for £15.99 on PSN & 1800 MSP on Xbox LIVE.

Source: Press Release



  1. 159 matches and you might not be able to choose the first-team player you want? Not fantasy football then – it sounds much like Ultimate Team without having to purchase card packs.

    I think I’ll just fantasise about England winning by playing the normal Euro mode.

    • I’m going to bet it’s possible to buy players in much the same way as it is with FIFA UT. It’s a huge money earner for EA and they’re starting to implement similar things in a lot of their games e.g. Mass Effect 3 and Tiger Woods 13.

      • That sounds like it might be the case – however not too accessable to someone like me who doesn’t play too much Fifa, but would still like to create their own European-Best team. I can’t be bothered to try and buy overpriced players from other people, so if I can’t get them myself I won’t bother with this mode, I’ll just stick with the Euro competition.

      • However I’ll still be buying it – £15.99 for the Euro game is awesome!

  2. Wow, that sounded like a really interesting spin on the game. Building a fantasy team to take on the best of Europe. Then I saw the price. That feels a little steep.

    • I don’t understand how you can say £15.99 is steep. In previous years this has been a full retail release at £39.99, so at less than half that price I see it as a complete bargain.

    • That price is not only for the Expedition mode, it’s for the entire Euro 2012 DLC, which former was a retail release, so I say the price is actually pretty good.

      • Tell you what, you guys have changed my mind. I think I’m still a little grumpy about being relegated from the Premier League yesterday and being charged £1.10 for a Double Decker.
        £16 for a significant game add-on is reasonable.
        Thanks guys for bringing me back to reality. Now, if you guys could go and talk in the boardroom at Molineux…

      • I’m sorry, £1.10 for a Double Deacker!! And I though 69p for Fruit Pastels was a rip-off! :O

  3. This looks excellent. Completely and utterly sold on the Euro 2012 DLC. Awesome stuff.

  4. Oh EA, haven’t you enough of my money? How can I not purchase this; £15.99 for you tomorrow…

    • Gamestation are doing a deal where if you take in certain games such as Fight Night Champion,Borderlands or Sonic Generations you get the DLC for 99p

      • I think certain branches of Game are doing the same deal too. Sure i read someting eerily similar there yesterday.

      • … Why did I not look at the replies?! Too late, bought it, but at least I luckily had £3 in my PSN wallet left over !

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