FIFA 12 Patch Addresses Security of Ultimate Team

The new patch for FIFA 12 has gone live. With it, a few hints that the recent Xbox Live “Phishing” hacks are being addressed internally, even if the companies involved are reluctant to admit much about it publicly.

Following a slew of illegally accessed accounts having funds stolen and in-game currency stripped, a new layer of security has been imposed. Players logging in to FIFA Ultimate Team will now have to provide the answer to a security question if they access their profile from another console as well as every 30 days from the web application.


Users will also now be able to lock their account from the web app at any time.

EA has said that they’re “committed to doing everything… to help keep [users] safe from phishers and scammers, [the] March game update is key part of that commitment” which at least implies that they’re aware of a problem existing, even if they’re still adamant that it’s down to user’s naivety rather than security holes.

The patch also addresses a few minor bugs, helps with the crashing that PS3 and PC users have reported and adds restrictions to who can be sent Trade Offers (friends only) as well as refinements to the Auction system.

Source: MCV



  1. But what if the web app gets hacked? will there be another app for that app then another one for that?

    I wonder if EA will speak to MS about this as it seems to be fairly common on the 360? :S

  2. This is nice of EA, but this shit should be for the console. Take note, Microsoft and Sony, of Google’s 2-step.

  3. I thought that the hacks (or whatever) were actually not to do with ultimate team??

    I thought i recalled a few people saying that they had lost stuf & hadn’t even had a copy of Fifa. Ever.

    • my first hack was FUT related, even though I’d never owned FIFA 11 on 360 – that’s what had been “last played”. My second hack (last month) was about buying song packs for something and a few other downloadable games on my credit card. Neither were the result of phishing.

      • Yeah, thought as much. I remembered you mentioning something about it & a few others have had similar experiences too.

        I’m just wondering if EA are putting this in partly as a goodwill gesture sort of thing to show that they are doing their bit, but also so that they can turn around next time it happens & say “Aha – See, it wasn’t anything to do with us!!”.

      • It’s very bad customer service that MS are providing as it’s your fault according to them. :( I wonder if EA will force MS’s hand on this?

        I hope you managed to get the transactions refunded Peter. I think it may be best to keep any card details off XBL untill it’s been sorted out.

  4. I wouldn’t call being unable to play FIFA 12 Ultimate Team at all for SIX MONTHS thanks to being disconnected after every game EVEN IF I WON and not receiving coins for it a “minor bug”. Completely ruined FIFA 12 for me. And even if I do rebuy the game my team is going to be so far behind everyone elses then it’s not going to be worth it anyway.

    • My mate had that exact problem, ridiculous that they haven’t sorted it sooner. What you say about your team being so far behind might not be true though, the market effectively crashed around Christmas time so you can get a brilliant team for not that many coins. It’s only the absolute elite players (The Messis and Ronaldos) that go for hundreds of thousands now.

      • I’ve got 7k and a team of Hartlepool players, not exactly world beating.

  5. Can I just say, don’t care how insecure Ultimate Team is it’s been the most played thing on my PS3 for the last few years. It’s combining FIFA with the old Premier League sticker books, best combination ever!

  6. Maybe they should give away like loads of coins or a top player *cough* Ronaldo.. *begins plans to sell for 400 coins

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