SEGA Rally Online Arcade Dated

It has been revealed that SEGA Rally Online Arcade will be hitting Xbox LIVE next week, for a measly 800 MSP. The game was also meant to be coming out on the PSN, but we all know the story there.

Inspired by SEGA Rally Revo and SEGA Rally 3, Online Arcade will feature championship and time attack modes, as well as online racing.

Source: Major Nelson



  1. The problem with this… is that the online could be poor , I own Outrun Online and I’ve never been able to get a race.

    Hopefully theres some meets

  2. 800 ms points is what, about a tenner? – seems like a decent price. One advantage of PSN being down is that we get to read all the reviews before the game is available to us… small consolation lol.
    Hoping it’s turned out well, although i prefer Rally sims i’ve also enjoyed Sega Rally in the past.

    • 800 points is £6.80 unless you get points cheaper from elsewhere

    • From PSN its automatically £7.99 (sometimes)… wouldn’t surprise if its priced it at that.

  3. I remember playing Sega Rally on the Dreamcast. it was ok, but I found that after a few turns I was stuck to the side of the track! lol

  4. “Sega Rally dated”

    Yes, yes it is.

  5. Priced.right and they have a sale………when the psn returns.

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