SEGA Rally Online Arcade Launch Trailer Released

SEGA has released a launch trailer for its downloadable racer, SEGA Rally Online Arcade. Out on Xbox 360 this week, and the PSN when it’s back, the game has all the championship and time attack modes you would expect, plus an online multiplayer for up to five people.

Check out the trailer below.

Source: YouTube



  1. I got this game on wednesday for xbox360……good game, looks ok and its an enjoyable game, but….only a few tracks. Would be lots better with more. It feels more like a demo due to the lack of race tracks.

  2. Depending on the price I may well go for this.

  3. Which cheese is always made backwards? Edam! Boom!

  4. Looking at the trailer above, I’m sure I recognize the tracks from the SEGA Rally game released a few years ago and the graphics don’t look as though they’ve improved much either. I’ll give this one a miss.

  5. the original sega rally has always been one of my favourite racing games.

    i used to spend hours playing that game working to knock a few fractions of a second off my lap time.

    i for one like that there were only a few tracks, it meant i could learn them all fully, learn exactly the best line for each corner, where i needed to apply the brakes, where i could just floor it.
    i’d never learn the tracks that well in a game with dozen tracks.

    there was one track, i forget which one, the time i spent trying to perfect that last corner before the finish, it was a long right hander.

    i can still close my eyes and picture it.

    and despite having only digital controls i’ve always found it to be one of the best handling rally games i’ve ever played.

    so a remake with new graphics but the same old gameplay? that would be heaven.

  6. Cool.

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