Pachter: PSN Outage Likely Won’t Boost Xbox

I think it’s virtually impossible to overstate how big of a deal the PSN outage has become. However, the thing that is still up for debate is how badly this will hurt Sony in the long run, as well as how much their competitors will gain from it.


Everyone’s favorite analyst, Michael Pachter, has thrown his two cents in to the discussion now, claiming that he doesn’t think the Xbox brand is going to grow because of the Sony’s current struggles.

“Once the network is back up and secure, and once people calm down and realize they didn’t lose anything, the damage will largely be repaired. There are a few people who undoubtedly threw their PS3s in the trash, and likely a few thousand who bought an Xbox 360 over a PS3 due to the PSN outage, but I can’t envision this number being more than a rounding error.”

As much as I hate to do it, I actually have to agree with PachMan® on this one. I just don’t think there’s that many gamers out there that care so much about online gaming that they’re willing to rush out and buy a new console at the drop of 3 weeks worth of hats. As for those that do care that much, they likely already owned both consoles to begin with.

So there. You have that info. Do with it what you will.

Source: International Business Times



  1. All we have is anecdotal evidence, but a few people I know have bought Xbox 360s during this outage.

    • I have a friend who was loosely considering a PS3 until the outage occurred. Instead, he bought one of the newfangled Xbox 360 consoles.

      • All Sony have to do is show how many excellent exclusives are out this year. The xbox can’t compete with that. It only has gears while the Ps3 has loads. I think most proletariat who defected to xbox will regret it by November. I have an xbox and even during this PSN down time it still has an inch of dust on it.

      • I don’t know what proletariat is. Damn spellcheck. It should say people.

      • I looked it up. It means lower class or working class of people. Are you trying to say that only poor folks would buy an Xbox?

        I’m on to you, that was no typo ;-)

      • Da comrade!

      • Dude I wish my English was that good. Now I know what it means I’ll start using it all the time.

    • Myself and 2 of my mates bought 360’s at the weekend but we didn’t trade in our PS3s to get them. And the only games we bought were MW2 & FIFA.

      I’m sure once PSN is back up and running we’ll be straight back to our PS3s. We have loads of mates on PSN where on Xbox Live I’ve one other mate other than the 2 lads who bought the 360s at the weekend.

      Saying that, now that I have the choice, I’ll probably buy any future releases on the 360 that are single player only (or are single player focussed with a token multiplayer mode thrown in) and are shown to run better on the 360.

      I’ll stick to the PS3 for any multiplayer games as that’s where the majority of my mates are.

  2. 100% agree!

    The numbers really aren’t gonna be that big!

  3. I have to agree people who like their PS3 aren’t going to change consoles just because of this and the people who do i don’t think will be so huge in numbers

  4. I agree with him on the fact that only a fraction of the PS3 users actually jumped the Sony ship to get rescued by Microsoft. However, I think he is playing down the fact that all our personal information was stolen.

    • Yes but as of yet none of the information they had “obtained” has been used. So don’t worry so much. Do what sane people did, tell ur bank to cancel cards and order new ones. The gits can’t use old card details for anything then.

      • I’m not too worried. I haven’t even cancelled my card. But even if the hackers never intended to go anywhere with our information, other shady groups could caused havok with our information.

  5. Sounds very reasonable. But the outage really shouldn’t last much longer. I think we’ve reached a stage of apathy. But once that is over the frustration and bitterness could strike again and that could mean more people changing their mind.
    Also (as KeRaSh pointed out), personal info was stolen. This could be problematic in the long term. Let’s just hope that it doesn’t lead to another wave of bad press in case that info is being used by thieves.

  6. This is probably the first thing Pachter has said that I agree with, while undoubtedly some will have picked up a 360, given you can now get a 20GB 360 for less that £100, it’s quite the bargain just to pick up. But I would imagine many sales would have been pre-owned consoles, and those that have bought may very well just switch back again once PSN is restablished. So yeah, I agree.

    • This is exactly what myself and my mates did. Bought 2nd hand 360s. No point shelling out full price if we’re gonna end up back playing on PSN again as soon as its back.

  7. Most of my casual gamer friends aren’t really aware they can’t get online anyway!

  8. Go PachMan, Well most of my friends are loyal to Playstation/SONY which is good because I’m with them. They don’t like 360 (The controller was the reason, and GOLD) I on the other hand have 360 and got it for 3 years, but hardly use it except for Exclusive titles, my PS3 is the most time I spend on gaming. Also I have more space on PS3 than I have on 360 (20gb)
    Can’t wait for PSN to be up and running, I miss it badly!

  9. My dad and my brother both have PS3s but no internet connections (Dad is in Eire in a field of sheep who apparently interfere with your broadband signal*, and my brother lives in London but is too poor/idle to get one) so this whole fiasco has passed them by.

    I must admit to a few moments of weakness, and have considered buying an XBox (my son has one) as a fall-back but common sense has prevailed so far :-)

    *There is no documented evidence that this is true.

  10. Holy crap, I agree with Pachter for the first time in history. Pachter correct? Is the a hallmark of the impending apocalypse?

    • a broken watch still tells the correct time twice a day.

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