Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Delayed

I’ll be honest, it’s pretty boring reading financial reports from some of the big game publishers out there. It’s usually the same story. A lot of them are losing money but they all seem to have very positive attitudes that they’re right on the cusp of turning it around. Luckily, sales figures and losses aren’t the only thing that come out of the FY reports and financial calls.

Ubisoft revealed during their FY2011 report that Ghost Recon: Future Solider has been delayed… again. It’s now slated for release after January 1, 2012. If memory serves, this is third major delay that title has seen. We’re not certain if the delay is a development issue or if it’s more of a strategic move, but fans of the series eagerly awaiting the next installment can’t be pleased.


Hopefully they’ll soon spark some excitement by detailing the beta they announced last year.

Source: VG247



  1. Ubisoft probably are considering what other games are launching at the same time. Its a strategic move. GR:FS can’t compete with the annual gush of CoD, instead they will be competing for our money by going up against Mass Effect III !
    (I got my keyboard fixed)

  2. IMO they made the right call in delaying it to January- March. November- December will be completely saturated with blockbuster games, that this might have been overshadowed.

    I know come Christmas I’m buying Skyrim, Uncharted 3, and Battlefield 3, so GR:FS would have been a no go, though I’m a fan of the series.

  3. No rush if you ask me.

  4. Delayed again?! :( it was meant to come out Sept ’10, what’s taking so long?

    • I know I love Ghost Recon and was hoping to play it this year!

  5. If they’re going to keep delaying this they could at least announce a new Rainbow 6 or something. I love the realism of the guns and shooting angles in Tom Clancy shooters, either 1 in the head or 2 in the chest is all you need, and forget about that spray ‘n’ pray tactic. It’s a shame ubi can’t get their act together.

  6. Gah thats a shame :( I suppose there is more than enough to keep gamers busy until 2012. Heres hoping for another Rainbow Six next year too!

    • I believe the next Rainbow Six will be shown at E3, with it being released 2012!

  7. Again?

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