New Deus Ex: Human Revolution Screens

This just in, a handful of new Deus Ex: Human Revolution screens have been released. Of course, we have them for you below. I mean, why else would we create an article like this? To offer you tea and crumpets? Heck no, those are for us.

Source: Joystiq



  1. oh,i wanted those tea and crumpets.T-T It looks good but i think i will not get this.

  2. Very, very nice and my second most anticipated after L.A. Noire.
    Feeling a serious MGS4 vibe too from those shots that I’ve not felt before, that’s a good thing. :)

  3. Awesome! Loved DX and still think it’s the greates FPS to date. Can’t wait to jump back into the conspiracy come August.

    • Same here and i hope this will at least be as good as the 1st or of course even better

  4. there’s always a giant robot.

  5. Awesome pics they are Matt, thanks
    Day one purchase for me ^^

  6. Watched the 25 mins of footage on Youtube and it does actually look really good. I remember buying the original Deus Ex and I never got into it. Then again I was still at secondary school at the time and preferred less-serious games so thats probably why.

    This one looks amazing though and I will probably pick up a copy to tide me over between Duke (June) and Gears3/Rage (September)providing it reviews well

  7. These screenshots look amazing. I guess there is no way around the old Deus Ex games…

  8. Lookin good. I cannot wait for this. Deus Ex is by far and away my most anticipated game this year, now that ME3 has been delayed.

  9. Sooo makes me think metal gear solid in another dimension. Looking forward to this….big time.

  10. Yea really looking forward to this one, never experienced any of the Deus Ex games and with everything i have read about this and what i heard about previous Deus Ex games, id say this will be special.

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