Starhawk Gets Official Trailer, Site

We’ve brought you our hands-on impressions and an in-depth interview, but now Sony have unveiled the official trailer and webpage for Starhawk, so it’s time for more Lightbox goodness.


You can check out the full site here, which isn’t particularly heavy with content, but kicks off with the five minute video above.

2012 is a long way away.



  1. i only ever got the demo for warhawk, i liked it, but it was months after the game came out so i thought the servers would be dead. definitely going to pick this up though.

    • servers are still going strong to this day.

    • server numbers are still going strong to this day.

  2. See they put the studio’s founding date on the gun barrel on the front page of the site; 01 04 2009.

    • I was wondering what that referred to. Thanks

    • Ah, how very ‘Watchful’ of you! ;P

      I’m liking the music on the site, maybe it’s the theme.

      I never played Warhawk and wasn’t that interested in it (due to lack of single player) but may have to try it… I’m liking the new universe and character! Very rare to see a non-Caucasian in a video game, so it’s nice to see a little more diversity (esp coming from a predominantly white male team – quite inspiring).

  3. I want this so much. Looks mind blowing. I was hoping for Starhawk to be something special, that trailer proves it. Bring on 2012.

  4. Never played Warhawk, so when you first started talking about it earlier today I was interested, but without a reference point not as excited as clearly others were. That trailer though, looks absolutely INCREDIBLE! I am now firmly in the I want this now camp =D

    Gunna have to give Warhawk a try methinks…

    • Go for it.
      Although you’ll have to wait for the PSN to come back, unless you can find it on disc.

      • And even if you do, you’ll still have to wait for the PSN to come back to play it ;)

      • My flatmate has a copy, so I’ll give it a go as soon as the network is back up =]

        Or maybe when my exams are finished (depending on how close they once the network is actually back up…)

      • Yeah you need to be on the PSN even for a non network split screen session, so it goes without saying LAN doesn’t work either.

    • dlc is great too, especially jetpacks.

  5. Warhawk was all about fun with me. So many memories of gathering a convoy of jeeps and tanks together while the enemy bombard you with Warhawks in an epic CTF game.

    I’m hoping this game will bring even more fun for me, and so far, it is looking that way!

  6. wet.

    the only word to describe all this info about starhawk, and it’s effect on my body. wet

  7. This looks a little like Red Faction: Guerilla. Loving it already!

    • I was thinking the same thing

    • the first thing I thought of was C&C Renegade which I loved back in the day. Spent many happy hours on Warhawk too, hope this provides elements from both.

  8. play. create. destroy =D

    • Imagine this with destruction physics like in Red Faction…

  9. dammit, sorry for spoiling page with my db post. can we please have an edit & del option… luv ya

  10. “A place we call The Frontier”

    How original!

    • Dont disrespect the frontier!

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