SCEE’s ‘Welcome Back Programme’ Detailed

A post on the EU PS Blog has gone into detail as to what gamers can expect from Sony once the PlayStation Store has been restored, which we’re assuming will be towards the end of the month.

First up you can choose two of the following PS3 titles:


And PSP owners can choose two of the following:

In addition there will be 30 days free PlayStation Plus for those who have yet to subscribe, and 60 days free for those who are already signed up. Music Unlimited subscribers will get 30 days free.

Of course, there are a few terms and conditions:

  1. “For eligibility for the welcome back programme consumers must be an account holder on 20 April 2011. Specific details about these offers and eligibility requirements will be posted as the services go live. All existing PSN registrants have 30 days from when the welcome back programme goes live to redeem their content.
  2. For the German market, InFamous and Dead Nation will be replace with Super Stardust HD and Hustle Kings in the selection of PS3 games.
  3. For the German market, Pursuit Force and Killzone Liberation will be replaced with Everybody’s Golf 2 and Buzz Junior Jungle Party in the selection of PSP games. Killzone Liberation will not offer online gameplay functionality.
  4. Access to the 30 days free PS Plus subscription is only available for those countries where PS Plus is offered. You will have access to the PS Plus content planned for May for 30 days. Access to the free games and exclusive features finishes at the end of the 30-day subscription period. Anything you buy with exclusive discounts, dynamic themes and premium avatars are yours to keep forever.”


Update: The page has been removed from the European blog.

Source: EU PlayStation Blog



  1. Strange, everyone was saying what I going to say already have those game. Now page has been removed.

    • Grrr I already have the 3 I want for PS3 and the 2 I want for my PSP :( sucks!

      • This doesn’t make sense. Why would you want games you already own?

      • Got all 5 ps3 games. Well played Sony, well played.

      • Yeah, this is how i feel about Playstation plus, everything that they give away for free that i would want, I already have..

      • ^ I agree regarding PlayStation Plus. I feel it was sold to us that we’d get access to fairly new games (at least for the 1 game each month where you get the first hour) but they weren’t. From memory I think there was Infamous and Boarderlands that had been out for about a year already, so I’d already played them. Also so much of the content expires. Now I just subscribe for the background downloads and Save Game Date cloud feature.

        The Welcome Back offer is good, but I either own those games, or don’t want to own then – so I won’t be downloading them. I hope the Store can cope when this is initiated!

  2. Actually a really good list! :D

    • All Sony games so that going to cost Sony zip.

      LittleBigPlanet (October 2008)
      Infamous (May 29, 2009)
      Wipeout HD (25 September 2008)
      Ratchet and Clank: Quest for Booty (August 21, 2008)
      Dead Nation (December 1, 2010)

      Put this way if 2 of these games together cost Sony more then £5 in royalties payments I would be amazed.

      • did you really expect it to be anything else other than Sony Games? This whole debacle has already cost them millions and is likely to continue to cost them money for a long time to come.

      • No offence but they are a business not a charity. so anything we get is purely a bonus! And to say most of them have charted top 10 we’re lucky.

    • Fantastic list , i was expecting £5 games like Shatter and Critter Crunch , or even worse those dreadful minis . I already own the fantastic Wipeout HD so im thinking Infamous and LBP (was never into LBP but perhaps the GF will like it )

      • I got LBP free when I signed up to PS+, it’s a good title to have digitally. I got some more game time out of it through having quick blasts because of it being easier to fire up, but then again I am that lazy.

  3. It is a bit disappointing. I was hoping that they would include Warhawk and GOWHD.:(

    • I was hoping for a PSP and a bravia TV but, hey! lets be realistic.

  4. Will be getting WipEout and Dead Nation!

    • Two awesome games!!

    • They’re the 2 I have to get as I have the other 3 but I’m still kind of tempted to get LBP so it’s on the hard drive but that would be crazy right?!

      • Well, I understand why you’d want LBP on the hard drive but you’d be missing out on a great game.

  5. I’m actually surprised by this. I do have a couple of these already, but I was expecting relatively poor minis or other PSN titles to be honest with you, so I’m pleasantly surprised by this haha. I’ll probably get inFamous and Wipeout HD for my PS3 and probably LBP and ModNation for my PSP, providing we can get 2 for both systems.

  6. Decent list I think, very generous of them…

    Personally I’ll probably pick up Infamous and either Wipeout/Dead Nation… Nice.

    • I say Wipeout since it costs more.

      • Those are the two I’m planning on getting. Pretty good list, considering what it could have been.

    • Same here, unsure about Dead Nation but I’ll have a read up this morning.

      Well played Sony, you have my respect.

  7. What if you have master accounts and sub accounts, would you in theory be able to get games from both?

    • In theory, you could download them all onto separate accounts (2 on each) and the PS3 will let you play them on any account, so yep, it should work. Own all these apart from LBP, tbh though I was expecting MAG but hey :L

  8. already have them 60 days PS plus is still great just glad the online is working more than any of the games.

    • Yeah the whole PSN being back is good enough. It is a bit disappointing that despite never buying any of the games above, I have access to Infamous and already have Wipeout and LittleBigPlanet from PS+ in the first place. I am so so happy about Ratchet and Clank being on there though, always wanted to play it but never really could be bothered to pay for download or retail version because I knew the game was short. Maybe they’ve taken the list of EU Blog because of all the complaints and they may change it up a bit because like I said, even I own most of them.

      • I find ‘Quest for Booty’ a particularly odd addition to be frank – Saying nothing about the quality of the game of course, but it’s apparently really quite short & doesn’t have trophy support.

        Up against the other games which could easily suck hours out of your life (tons of hours if we are talking about LBP!) & all have platinum trophies, it seems like a bit of an ‘odd-one-out’.

  9. I have all of those except dead nation. I am slightly disappointed. being able to keep stuff we get with PS Plus does lessen this however

    • I got them all :( It’s a fine list, minus LBP and R&C.

      LBP is just an insult to loyal customers. Every freaking PSN user on this planet either owns LBP or used to own it. On top of that LBP was part of the PSN Plus offer, so that’s a really really bad choice, but I guess it was a cheap and obvious choice for Sony.

      R&C is a strange choice imo. It doesn’t even have trophy support, but I guess it’s something for the kids, only problems is that LBP already covered that.

      • Well I have PSN and have never owned or played LBP so am I the only one on the planet?

      • I disagree that R&C is ‘something for the kids’ – fun, beautiful and entertaining, the series offers a lot to adults as well as kids.

        As for ‘it doesn’t even have trophy support’ I’ve aired my views on the matter round these parts previously, so I won’t repeat myself, but I’ve never heard a worse reason to discount a game.

        I’m definitely going to be picking up R&C as I completed Tools of Destruction and started A Crack in Time, but never played this one.

        I’ll probably pick up infamous too, as that was one of them “7s” that I never got around to picking up.

      • You are right, my comment about R&C seemed harder then I meant it to be. I love the R&C games, got them all for PS3. I just think there were better alternatives that Sony could have gone with, to suit the loyal customers.

      • dizwod Yes you are, until you learn the word pedant.

  10. … srsly? I already have 3 of the 5 :( not extatic but what the hey. It’s not like sony owe me anything really. Act of god/twat.

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