Angry Birds: 200 Million Downloads

Rovio have announced that their Angry Birds games have been downloaded in total over 200 million times.


That’s over all platforms with all the different versions of Angry Birds: the original, Seasons and Rio.

So, it looks like small downloadable games really are the way forward, but we have to bear in mind that this will include the Lite versions of the games and the free Chrome Web Store version, which had over 6 million downloads in a week – and we know that all downloads do not equate to sales.

Still, that’s an impressive figure.

Rovio have also announced that the Angry Birds merchandise has been selling well, with over 3 million units sold globally. There really are some hardcore Angry Birds fans out there, aren’t there?

Source: Press Release



  1. Thats a lot, would be interesting to see the Android to iOS ratio, as the game is free on Android. I bet its a fast closing gap between the platforms :D

    • And Symbian.
      All the versions are free on Ovi- Angry Birds, Seasons and Rio.

  2. Angry Birds sucks.

  3. Im one of that 200 million!

  4. I had it on my HTC Hero, but it wasn’t powerful enough to run it :/

  5. I think its time that home console games became much cheaper…. like I can’t see myself paying over £40 for Dynasty Warriors or even a football game.. there’s just too many games and Konami just doesn’t help at all.

    • You DON’T have to buy every game!!

      • I know… but theres too many good games that I like on the same day, if your in my situation… I’m sure you’ll be the same, :) haha

        No More heroes…. Dead or alive…. LA Noire…. why

    • Well, have some self control and only pick the ones you like best! It’s not like theres enough time in a human life to properly play every game that gets released these days anyway.

  6. Angry Birds is over rated, I played it a few times then just never went back to it.

    • Thats what everyone says, played it wasn’t impressed

    • Americans go nuts over it.

    • Couldn’t agree more… Crush the Castle FTW!

  7. Really addictive little game :) 200million is a lot! :L havnt bothered with rio or the irish one, just kept with the original

  8. Will angry birds become the next pacman, tetris, snake etc…? Who knows at this rate.

    • Pacman, is one best games ever!
      Well that my view.

  9. Got it on PSP, PS3, Android (x3) and Chrome. Then again on 2 more androids and another PS3 purchase. Good game when im bored now and then, but it’s only a little addictive time waster like a paid-for flash game. Never gonna replace console games though, because they are two separate things.

  10. I have bought it once, the PS3 mini, I also have the original, seasons and Rio free versions for android and just the other day tried the chrome version.

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