PC World And Currys Launch Game Service

UK electronics powerhouses PC World and Currys have extended their partnership into the realm of downloadable video games. Their new service, powered by ZTORM, features over 600 titles both new and old, from Golden Axe to Witcher 2, all at competitive prices. First impressions? There’s a tidy layout and definitely a nice range of games to choose from though the site could benefit from improved search bar functionality.

The first 10,000 gamers to sign up to the new service will get to choose from two SEGA introductory packages, both offering 4 full titles.


SEGA Pack 01

  • Medieval II: Total War Gold Edition
  • Condemned: Criminal Origins
  • The Club
  • Alpha Protocol

SEGA Pack 02

  • Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing
  • Sonic the Hedgehog 2
  • SEGA MegaDrive Collection 1
  • Sonic the Hedgehog

The offer is still ongoing, and with 45 quid’s worth of gaming available for nowt, you should probably set aside five minutes to register.




  1. Don’t bank on getting pack one if you’ve moved home in the last eight years or so. They use a horrifically out of date website for age verification and more than a few of us have failed the age check.

    • You can get it still, just look on the 192 website they use, find the address your name is associated with and use that address in your account info for now :)

      You could change it back to your actual address after downloading the games

    • I’ve moved home 4-5 times in the last 8 years… the last move was almost 2 years ago, my address was fine… (on the electoral register etc)

      I’m 27 and I had no age check issues ;)

  2. DSG (the parent company of Dixons, PC World & Currys) are rubbish at everything they do. Whilst its interesting and the launch offer is fantastic and well worth signing up for & the more competing services there are the more choice there is for the customer which his good, I just doubt every single thing DSG do, although it looks like they’re just rebranding an existing service so perhaps nothing can go wrong

    • I agree with you. I will have NOTHING to do with Dixon group stuff. PC World is the biggest joke in retail and the sooner the public realise it and they go belly up the better for proper indie computer stores that can actually fix your shit!

      • I will never understand the need for them to own two separate chains. PC World stocks everything Currys does. It seems to be it’s stifling competition if the two stores that seem separate are actually owned by the same parent company. How can eu competition law allow it?

      • currys is more general electrical items rather than pc world’s more computing focus.

        pc world may sell tvs now but mostly it’s still computers, and some consoles.

        currys however also sell cookers, washing machines, fridges and freezers.

        there is some common ground but they are pretty different stores.

        you want to see the sort of anti competitive behaviour, look at the washing powder/liquid market, how many of the top brands are all owned by the same company.

    • Agreed, everything they do is awful. I’ll happily take the free games though…

  3. Cheers TSA, got the pack and so will download Medieval II tomorrow. Is Alpha Protocol worth downloading anyone?

  4. Done and done. I’ll be trying out Alpha Protocol me thinks.

  5. How ridiculous, age verification isn’t working. I suppose all of us who are among the first 10,000 and yet can’t download are depriving those who can get past the archaic verification system their free games?

    • I had a problem with that at first…updated my details a second time and it worked. I also had to swap my address order round. So…town first then street. Whether that was the cause or not..who knows.

      • Under the box marked address I just put my street name? Seeing as house number and town are separate things. I’m probably not understanding you correctly but what I’m gathering is that you just entered your info in the boxes in a different order and it worked?

        Not sure if the games would work on my Mac anyway, I’m just taking the gamble for some free stuff.

      • Yea. I started with street then town but then I swapped it round so…town went into the “address” box and my street went into the “house/building number” box. I don’t normally do it that way round.

      • Thanks for the help but it still doesn’t seem to be working, I’ll just leave it I reckon. Wasn’t worth the spam that’ll no doubt be delivered to my email on a daily basis.

      • I just did 5345 thisisa Street, then below the house number… obvisously thisisa Street doesn’t exist….

    • (slightly off topic) Same problem exists, at ps3 new hd homepage for videos. Regardless of what date you input, it always says date unrecognised.

  6. What a rip off, considering these are downloading titles with no cost of physical media (and postage on top) why is it that downloadable content is always twice or triple the price of actually owning the same game on a real disc?!

    Prince Of Persia The Fogotten Sands is £14.99 on that link, yet Play are selling it brand new (thats a sealed/wrapped physical disc!!!!) for £5 with free postage……

    How does charging more, for esentially less, make sense?!

    • Some of the Sega classics pack are 13.99… bit high compared to Steam

    • golden axe was something like 49p.

  7. Sonic…………!, I didn’t want to miss out, Medieval 2 can wait :D

  8. Got my free games, probably won’t use the service to much though. Steam is reliable enough, plus crazy sales

  9. It’s not that badly priced actually. Their selling the Witcher 2 Premium Edition for £24.99 compared to Steam’s £34.99. But I think their having problems cos Black Ops is listed for £60.09 with a file size of 245 kbs????

  10. Got my games, only particularly interested in Medieval Total War, which is 12GB (the other games are smaller) so I’ll download tomorrow!

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