Irish PS3 Users Get RTÉ Player

If we’re being completely honest, this information could easily have been added as an addendum to the previous “ITV Player and 4OD stations are now live” post. Then again, we’ve heard nothing of this happening until now so we thought we’d give it its due attention.

Left in the digital dark for so long, Irish PS3 users turning on their shiny black monoliths this morning will be greeted by a new RTÉ Player icon in the TV section. Not just a link to the site, the player is an XL version modified to work on TVs.


RTÉ is like the BBC in Ireland. It’s a statutory body of the Irish government but actually shows more American TV than Irish content. And more British content. And Australian content. Let’s just say that every now and again something appears with Irish people talking funny.

Check out what the player looks like below. And it must be kismet, but who’s that gurning right back at us? Yes! Westlife! Ireland’s greatest export since bankruptcy!

Thanks Eoin (Image credit – TSA’s very own Kovacs)



  1. Westlife: For One night Only

    If only…

  2. That is good news, just when i was getting fed up of all the uk-only tv players being added! :)

  3. When i turned on my PS3 this morning i was so shocked to see this welcome me as there really has been no prior warning to this appearing.Finally Ireland gets some love and im delighted to see it.Next addition the video store…… hopefully.

    • Knowing you must be Irish, I read your post with an Irish accent in my head and it was bonza. Particularly when you said ‘delighted’. Thanks mate.

      ps: you can read my post with an Aussie accent if you’d like :)


      Addendum: Wouldn’t it be brilliant if the media was half as global as the internet. I’d love to get iplayer, 4OD, ITV and RTÉ, and I’m sure you guys would love iView and Plus7 for some Aussie laughs. Oh well, at least there are torrents and PlayStation Media Server.

      • I read it in an Irish accent too, how strange.

        Dancing on the streets of Craggy Island perhaps, but what about the streets of Total Network Solutions?

      • i tried. only to realise i fail at irish acccents. if anybody is scottish, give us a heads up and i can d your post :p

    • I’m quater Irish and quite regularly go over to Ireland to visit family. What happens if I take my PS3 and connect to PSN with it? BTW I’m 3/4 English and don’t have an Irish accent. Sorry to disappoint :(

      • I may be wrong but I believe everything will be the same EXCEPT you won’t have access to regional UK features like BBC iPlayer, the new ITV player, 40D or the Video store as they all filter by IP address.

        When you login to your UK account over in Ireland, the servers will check your IP address, see you’re not logging in from the UK and, though it will serve up those features in your XMB, when you go in it will give you the “You must be logging in from the UK” error message.

      • To be sure, to be sure.

  4. What the fu…..?

  5. Father Ted on demand!?

  6. great news :)

  7. Sweet…
    Although RTE don’t really have too many shows. This is the network that turned down Father Ted after all…

  8. Does anyone know if there anyway of getting this in the UK (I’d like to watch the GAA on my tv instead of my laptop)? I set my PSN id up in Ireland, which means I have to use a different profile to get the iPlayer, now that like the generations before (and the next 12 to come after) I have emigrated.

    • RTE Player doesn’t show live stuff though, does it?

    • See above. I believe the video players filter by IP address. It’s the only explanation as to why when I log in to my UK account (I’ve lived and worked in the UK) I don’t get the players here in Ireland.

  9. Westlife: for one night only. There’s a guy who sits next to me in work who would love a bit of that. He’s a bit creepy but I’ve got used to his odd ways now

  10. If you’re Irish and you set up a UK account, you should be able to use 4oD in Ireland. Unlike, the iplayer & ITV player, 4oD works in Ireland.

    • Actually I could be wrong about 4oD. I’ve just heard its a strictly catch-up service, so no archived series of The Inbetweeners :(

      I’d imagine it won’t work in Ireland unfortunately.

    • The 4OD service works on my pc at work in Ireland but hasn’t worked on my ps3 browser or mac at home but i’ll check the new player to see if it’s any different.

    • I can confirm that 4OD does work in Ireland. ITV Player, just like the BBC iPlayer, does not, however.

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