UK Digital Downloads Chart For PC Officially Launches

Today is the day that UKIE, the UK’s Interactive & Entertainment body and those responsible for those charts we give you every week have now announced that the world’s first official digital download chart will now go live, in association with Ipsos MediaCT.

The chart will currently just count PC downloads across a variety of digital distributors including working with companies such as EA and Ubisoft. Valve’s Steam isn’t mentioned in the press release by name but I’d assume data from the biggest digital storefront for PC games will also go towards the chart.


The UK PC Digital Download has been in beta for 12 months but now is ready to roll out after all the verification processes and data analysis software has been tested.

This implementation will now give publishers, developers and us a much clearer picture of what games are selling well within the UK. Now we just need to await for the chart to expand to the console digital markets such as PSN and LIVE to show just what gamers are downloading.

It’ll be interesting to see how this could shake up the traditional charts which rely on retail sales, and whether smaller titles will make more appearances in the charts.

Source: Press Release.



  1. Assuming steam data is including ( and surely it must be as there wouldn’t be much point otherwise) it will be very interesting to really see the amount of copies moved during a sale.

    • Agreed, fella. Steam is a healthy, thriving place for games (I hope!) and I’d like to think both big and small devs are benefiting from the PC games’ universe. However, what I’m more curious about is how (or even if) it’s making inroads into console sales from a percentage perspective.

      I know one of the Call of Duty games had a million or so sales on the PC but had 8 million across the consoles so I’m wondering if this ratio of 1:8 has changed.

      • I think it’s more game-specific with that 1-8 ratio. Only the ‘big’ console games (COD, FIFA, etc) will heavily outnumber PC sales, I would of thought most games are fairly similar. Certain genres do lend themselves to either being PC friendly or console friendly I think.

      • I would expect Gazza to be right. Would love to see how a game such as Bioshock Infinite which really stands out graphically on the PC compares sales wise on console.

  2. “Now we just need to await for the chart to expand to the console digital markets such as PSN and LIVE to show just what gamers are downloading.”

    Theres already a way for that on PS3 at least. PS Blog posts the downloads every month and you can check yourself what people are downloading on the PSN store itself.

  3. Haven’t steam been against this for a while, pretty sure they’d keep their data to themselves

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