Some Xbox 360’s Experiencing New Disc Read Error

Microsoft confessed yesterday to being aware of a new error some gamers are experiencing relating to disc read issues.

Apparently, a recent change in the way each Xbox reads the data on the disc is giving some gamers a ‘disc-unreadable’ error. Microsoft was quick to come out and clarify the situation.


“… this disc read error message is tied to a change in the disc reading algorithms in a recent software update and is not specific to older or newer versions of Xbox 360. This issue is unrelated to the upcoming release that has been in public beta.”

Not only did they profess to know about the issue but they’re apparently already working on making it right for their customers that have experienced problems.

If you’re one of the few that has been affected by this issue, you can call up Microsoft and have them replace your console with a new one at no charge.

Not only that, but they apparently have a way of detecting this issue over Xbox Live and have started reaching out to those inconvenienced by this error to get the ball rolling on a replacement.

Good to see them handling the situation the right way.

Source: Eurogamer



  1. Would they handled this situation as quickly and generously if Sony hadn’t made a pigs ear of their ‘event’?

  2. Oh god microsoft you are such a good company you are so much better than the nasty people who run sony .

    • haha, that’s the exact mentality of the writers on here.

      • Really?

      • Yeah, I can’t say I agree with that – I have not encountered any bias in particular round these parts. In fact, most writers go out of their way to be unbiased in my experience.

      • I disagree, they seem pretty impartial. This is news, they post news.. It states facts and doesn’t have Microsoft worship in there..

  3. its gotta be a pretty console ending error to make them recall and replace machines rather than release a firmware update?

  4. Its only a few early machines with a certain type of DVD drive & it means certain games cant be played on it.They are gettinng replaced with a new 250gb slim model & a years live. Not bad deal really & alot if people hope its them to get a new machine :) maybe should include that bit

  5. blimey? They will replace your xbox? Can’t they just change the firmware?

    Well done Microsoft anyway.

    • They are changing the firmware, that’s the point. The new dashboard, which combats piracy as it performs checksums on the disc at random times (I *think*, haven’t read too much about it) is not compatible with some DVD drives (the 360 has used a host of drive manufacturers over the years).

      In the interest in combating piracy, they’re willing to bite the bullet and replace anybody’s soon to be non-working 360.

  6. I think Microsoft have learned from the RROD distaster that caused so much bad publicity and have acted fast and decisively.

    Sony could learn a lot from this. It’s called customer care.

    • A cynic could argue that MS are only willing to hand out new Xbox’s because they know this will predominately affect people with hacked Xboxs. By giving them a new fan-dangle Xbox, which just happens to be ‘unhackable’ they are potentially opening up a previously closed revenue stream from addicted gamers who can no longer pirate their (xbox) games. At least, that’s what a cynic might say.

  7. The way the Xbox could be hacked was by flashing the firmware of the drive. The new dash update flashes the drive with Microsofts new (as of now) un-hackable firmware.
    As they have used many different types on drives in the past, this update has caused a few boxes to have disc read errors.

    Microsoft is probably happy enough with this as they are removing hackable boxes from the market, although the way they can now appear to detect this over live is only good new for them and bad news for pirates.

    Either way its a pretty savvy move by Microsoft who are viewed in a good light for a gesture which will only benefit in the long run.

  8. Must be a fatal problem for those affected consoles if Microsoft are just immediately offering to replace them. At least they’re handling it quite well though.

  9. Clearly this is to stop piracy.
    My friend has a flashed Xbox 360, he’s update fine in the past. I’ll see how this one goes for him.

  10. Hmm sort of puts me off picking up a cheap console now!

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