TSA Meets Stir Into Life Again

TSA’s Meets system is the ideal place to get involved with our community and play some fun games online with mates.  With the PSN being down recently the Meets have been quiet, but it’s all stirring back into life as from today, with a busy few days worth of games to join in with.

First up tonight we’ve got the return of the legendary Warhawk in celebration of the reveal of the sequel.  Want to play?  Click here, make sure you’re logged in and just jot your name down by clicking the button.  The game’s at 7pm and you’ll find the PSN usernames of those already attending on the page.

Tomorrow night is much busier, though – we’ve got a game of Grand Theft Auto IV happening at 6pm, and then, with some terrible timing but plenty of variety, MotorStorm Apocalypse, Killzone 3 and Assassin’s Creed all at 7pm, so there’s hopefully something to get your teeth into.

Anyone free on Saturday might want to have a game of Uncharted 2 at 7pm or Bioshock 2 at 9pm.

Remember, if there’s nothing there you fancy feel free to add your own game to the list, you only need a smattering of TSA Points to be able to do so, so why not see who else is around on the forums and get together and play online – we pride ourselves in having a friendly, open community so make the most of it!



  1. And don’t forget the BF1943 meet which is filling up fast:


    • would love to join you all, but they always start a bit too early for me, don’t get on till 8pm earliest

      • I’m the same mate – Don’t usually finish work until about 19:00, so am not usually on until about 21:00.

        However, i am regularly involved in the Bioshock 2 meet as sanmartinez was good enough to arrange it for a time that i could attend (agreed in the forums) & for anything else (such as Singularity & Split Second), i arrange the meets myself to ensure i can join.

        So there is hope for you, but you might have to arrange/set up the meet yourself. :)

      • I have the same problem mate, not usually on til’ 8/8 30, add me if ya like- Jones_81

  2. nooo, KZ3 and GT5 tomorrow and it’s looking unlikely I’ll be getting back onto PSN anytime soon. Might need to break out an alternate account to join in.

  3. And the TSA SuperGT GT5 Championship starting tomorrow as well!

    • Woah, hang on. hadn’t seen this advertised, can I get involved?

      • It’s not an official championship was set up in the forums, unfortunately the full grid of 16 drivers is already in place.

      • :( OK no worries, anymore come up where do I find em? If its easier then add me – PSN: blackredyellow

    • Indeed!!!

  4. Is anyone likely to set up a TSA bootcamp for KZ3? It’s next on my list now I’m done with Mass Effect 2.

    • Um… It says in the post Friday… ;)
      After that, I imagine things will revert to Monday boots, but you’d have to ask Roy about that!

      • I put it down as Friday coz i cant make Mondays anymore :(
        Anyone is more than welcome to make one for Monday though if they want.

        Unfortunately my gaming sessions can only happen over the weekend and weekends start on Friday…..right? :)

      • Only fired up KZ3 once so far to get the free map pack through PS+! Must get into it soon, want my PS Move gun first though!

      • awesome i’d love ot get into those agai but i’m waitig a bit before i take my ps3 online. just waiting till this whole thing cools down a bit

  5. Ahh, looking forward to getting back into some meets – but will have to wait a couple of weeks until my exams are over…

  6. Anybody fancy a spot of Portal 2 co-op in the near future?

    My PSN is Jones_81, feel free to add me. also looking for DJ Hero 2 and Bulletstorm players

    • I play DJ Hero 2 from time to time & i do also have Bulletstorm, but need the store to be back up before i am able to play online.

      Saying that though, i have no idea if i actually have any space left on my friends list! :/

      • Ok, add me if ya can. Did you get Bulletstorm second hand?

      • No, I did buy it new so any/all codes are still ‘intact’.

        Suspect that you may have already confirmed this on the other story about the store coming back though. :/

        Oh & I forgot to look at my friends list to see if there was space or not, as my memory is simply awful. Feel free to send one to me if it lets you though.

  7. Yay! my meet was advertized :D

  8. Cheers for the motorstorm advertisement :)

  9. Yay! go meets go. Just joined for Motorstorm been itching to beet theberzerka, R1MJAW and teflon =P

    • It shall be me whooping you I think you’ll find (unless of course I’m as slow as I usually am). :p

    • hehe yeahh i can see ur looking forward to beat them… im glad u have realised that u can’t beat me.. :P

  10. If there are not enough people, i will cancel the GTA 4 meet.Curse my record of failed meets! Curse them to hell. Seriously,i will cancel if there are no more people joing/signing up.:(

    • The GTA4 meet is cancelled due to a lack of interest. I will never create a meet again due to my record of failed meets.

      • No need to give up fella, it was just bad timing for a meet. Let’s face it, you were up against Killzone, Motorstorm and AC meets on the same evening not to mention the start of the TSA Gran Turismo 5 championship.

      • Yeah, does seem to be a case of bad timing rather than anything else.

        Best way to gauge interest is to post that you are looking to set up a meet in the appropriate thread in the forums (or if it doesn’t exist, create one) – That way, you can see if there is any interest in that game on that date or if everyone is busy with something else on that day/at that time.

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