TSA Meets: We’re Off To ModNation

So, ModNation Racers is now out, so what better way to celebrate than a good old gathering using our TSA Meets feature.  I’ll keep details to a minimum just now – Michael will be along later to update with finer details, but it’s scheduled for 9pm tonight* so head on over to the Meet, drop your name down and we’ll see how many people are interested.  Don’t worry, we’re all very friendly here.

If there’s a flood of PS3 gamers ready to hit the road, we’ll try and split it over a couple of Meets, or something.  Bear in mind this will be the first time lots of us get to play with ModNation Racers, so expect a few teething problems as we iron out what’s what.  That said, TSA Meets are normally nicely organised affairs and at least we’ll all have our PSN IDs to find each other on the track.  If we don’t have your PSN ID, drop it in your profile (at the bottom) and it’ll automatically appear when you sign up for a Meet.

Have fun!

Update 1: It seems likely that this version won’t allow you to invite friends to games, so it’s most likely going to be randoms you’ll end up playing with.  I’m going to try to confirm this when the beta has downloaded – Michael.

Update 2: Well, the game works, but it refuses to let me play online.  Looks like the Meet may be a bust, but please enjoy the beta and let us know right here what you think of it! – Michael.

*time subject to change once Michael appears with the details – keep an eye on this post for info.