Get Double XP This Weekend In Killzone 3

As part of Sony’s “Welcome Back” initiative, Guerilla Games will be hosting a double XP weekend for acclaimed first person shooter, Killzone 3. The bonus period began at 5PM today and will continue to run until 10AM, Monday morning. Sony are also reminding fans that Killzone: Liberation, a top-down tactical shooter for the PlayStation Portable, will be one of the free titles available to PSN customers when the store returns to regular service.

Source: EU PlayStation Blog


  1. Was going to get some kz3 in at the weekend, this an unexpected bonus.
    (tip of the hat to sony)

  2. No playstation network made me give kz3 back 4 something new there was nothing to do with it as i had already got the platinum but now i regret giving it back…

  3. Playing quite a bit of it online atm, so looking to gain a few levels this weekend :)

  4. just platted brink so i guess i need to take a “pause” and play some kz3 now 8D

  5. Nice gonna be jumping for this to la noire this weekend!

  6. Awesome news! Been playing this game nonstop. My goal is to get to the rank of General or Commander. Currently on Brigade General. Killzone 3 is a kick ass FPS game.

  7. Sony need to do this across the board for all their games to get the numbers back after the outage. Nice start Sony but keep it coming!

  8. Avg 15,000 xp ATM!

    Nice : D

  9. Online is the best I have played. Marvellous game.

  10. Second thoughts, as it doesn’t take long tevel up without db xp & a poss kz4 a few years away, ill wait till after the weekend. Still a nice gesture.

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