Uncharted NGP Set Before Drake’s Fortune

Christophe Balestra, co-president of Naughty Dog, has recently triggered confusion as to where “Uncharted NGP” fits in the series’ timeline. Originally Balestra had informed outlets that the title would take place after Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, the story running “parallel” to that of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. However, the Naughty Dog has since been in touch to confirm that the handheld Uncharted, developed by Sony Bend, will in fact be set before the original, though it won’t be a prequel.


Focusing mainly on its cluster of charming, well-developed character, it will be interesting to see what story elements are introduced for the NGP title and whether Drake and Sully will be joined by any new (or old) accomplices.

It has also been said that there is likely to be some medium of cross-platform interaction between the Uncharted NGP and Drake’s Deception, though nothing has been confirmed. We suspect both games will compliment each other by rewarding exclusive, mainly cosmetic unlockables such as weapon skins and character costumes.

Source: Kotaku



  1. If I remember rightly, hasn’t Drake previously met Chloe before Uncharted 2? Maybe she could be in this…

    • Good call, Josh. Definitely some history that can be explored, let alone all of the colourful things that would’ve happened to Nate that’s turned him into the lovable rogue we currently enjoy in UC2, etc.

      • I feel like a perv, but at least I’m clearly not alone. The first thing I thought of when reading this article was “damn, doesn that mean no Chloe?”

  2. I think it will introduce the main baddie of Uncharted 3, the lady, as a sub character. Give her some history before Uncharted 3.

  3. Really liking the sound of this. Hope it comes this side of Christmas to the UK.

  4. I’m not really interested in handheld gaming anymore. However, this game certainly makes me want to reach out and purchase one if the game is any good upon release!

  5. Sounds great. 2 Uncharted games in a short space of time. We will be blessed!

    • Yoh couldnt be more correct dude.

  6. Eddy Raja!

    A prequel really does make the most sense in the grand scheme of things, and it’ll be good to see some of the dead ones make fresh appearances, possibly as Drake’s allies, at those moments in time…

    • yeah! eddy was cool

      • Also, that prequel motion comic thingy showed that he and Drake worked together a few times prior to UC:DF.

  7. I’m really looking forward to ‘hopefully’ being able to play two new Uncharted games this year. :)

  8. The NGP really sounds like an interesting device. I hopey they price it cleverly to push it out to the masses. With the slow start of the 3DS Sony might be able to gain the upper hand again in this handheld generation.

  9. Naughty Dog have since announced it is set before Uncharted1, but it is not a prequel. They have made this distinction so people don’t think its part of any continuing story arc.

    • I’m not sure what that means? not a prequel but prior to UC1. Sounds like a prequel :-)

      • Well, that just means that it’s situated prior to UC1 but has a story that’s unrelated to the other Uncharteds.

      • Prequel would give the impression on a continuing story arc, but saying it’s not a prequel just means its out on its own as far as story goes so probably won’t have continuing themes or even characters. It’s just an Uncharted game but nothing to do with any other Uncharted games

    • Aye, I saw that too. Not actually a prequel

    • Definition of ‘Prequel’ – a story or movie containing events that precede those of an existing work.

      If it’s set before UC1, and in the same universe, then it’s a prequel. Otherwise you could also say that because the stories of UC1 and UC2 are pretty much self contained, UC2 isn’t a sequel. There might not be an overarching plot, but the terms prequel and sequel still apply.

      That the plot of UC NGP isn’t directly related to UC1’s events also doesn’t preclude the inclusion of established characters, and developing the relationship between those characters from before we saw them.

      If they want to say it’s not part of the central story line (of which there isn’t really one), they could say just that, rather than jump about and use words poorly.

      • I agree, but the perception is that in those preceding events of existing work, it contributes to the make-up of either characters or stories of the existing work, whereas they have distanced themselves from that.

      • My guess would be that it’s not a prequel because it’s not canon.

  10. Didn’t they specifically say it’s not a prequel? It is set before it but it’s not actually a prequel.

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