No Trophies For The PSP Remaster Series?

Whilst the PSP Remaster series has captured the interest of many, it might not support the one feature that quite a few gamers will want: Trophy support.

This news comes via PlayStation-CS Blog, who contacted SCEJ to ask about trophy support.


The answer was a “no”. If this is true will it alter your decision to purchase anything from the PSP Remaster Series? If indeed it actually makes the trip over here…

Source: Siliconera



  1. I’ll be honest, that would make me unlikely to purchase them. I like my virtual trophy cabinet, after all.

    • I am the same. Without trophies these are a no-go for me, unless of course they’re ridiculously cheap, in that case I might be persuaded.

      Not good Sony, not good. :(

  2. This would have been the only reason I would have gone for them. As it is I might as well pick them up cheap for my actual PSP.

  3. Well for me it depends on the game, if I could have Peace Walker with voice chat then I’m in.

    • I moan about this not having trophy support on the next page but I agree with you here. If God of War games come and Assassin’s Creed comes then I’m in. Anything which tells a story which I’m missing out on from console games will be great.

  4. For me, it depends very much on the games they bring over – I don’t own a PSP and there are certainly games that I want to give a go (Peace Walker and Ghost of Sparta immediately spring to mind). Ultimately, if there is no trophy support, its not really the end of the world, trophies are an added bonus, and nothing else.

  5. Seems odd to me. Surely Sony must realise how many trophy whores there are out there, it’s a no-brainer really how some people will buy a game just for the trophies.
    Does anyone remember that guy in the forums who signed up to ask if there was any software that would help him play Chess? He bought the game because of the easy trophies, even though he couldn’t play! He then got really angry with me when I told him it’s not hard to learn Chess and he should go and earn the trophies properly. xD

    • I remember that! :D

    • Haha that was brilliant. It’s like my friend at work who booked a scuba-diving holiday but can’t swim!

      • Erm.. odd :p maybe he thought that the scuba suit is basically a robot which is controlled from above?

      • She thought you would be able to stand in the water and look down. Got more and more nervous as they drove her out to sea. Hilarious!

      • Lmao! How did it end up going for her?

      • Not swimmingly.

    • I have been playing a game & been asked what are the trophies like not how is the game that blew my mind a bit game first then trophies but there part of the PS3 experience now so without them it feels a bit strange.

  6. No sale!

  7. Well, that’s me out then. I’ve played pretty much all the worthwhile games on the psp, I might have replayed them on ps3 for trophies but not if they’re not bothering with them. Shockingly bad design decision.

    • Monster Hunter?

  8. I’m not too bothered and I think I will get the Monster Hunter game as I would like to play that with more people, on the comfort of my telly and sofa.

    • Ditto, it will be great for multiplayer games like that as my friends don’t have PSPs.

  9. I like trophies, so for that reason ‘Ah’m oot’…

  10. I don’t know i like trophies because they make the game longer like if there is a trophy where you have to play the game through on the hardest difficulty i tend to play the game through for the second time in a row and if it has a trophy where you have to collect some things i tend to do that but if it doesn’t have a trophy i couldn’t care less if i collect them or not

    • Just cause is the prime example of that. There are hundreds of collectibles in that game, but you don’t get anything for getting them all. No special reward or a super gun. Just a guy saying oh you got them all. So without trophies, I wouldn’t have bothered.

      But because of trophies I did, and actually quite enjoyed doing it.

      Bad decision I say.

      • Exactly

      • No special items like an helicoptor?!

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