PSP Firmware Update Coming Soon

Hardly the most earth shattering piece of news this morning, but PSP owners should expect firmware update v6.39 to go live soon. Rather than provide the meaning of life, or the ability to toast bagels using the UMD slot, the update is for “users who need to change their PlayStation Network password”. They will be “guided through the process”.

Also, system software stability during use of some features will be improved. Alas, my bagels remain untoasted.


UPDATED:  It seems that the update is now live!

Source: EU PS Blog



  1. I’ve learned what a “bagel” is, so this post wasn’t entirely useless ;)

    Also, the update is already up

  2. It only does toasted bagels.

  3. Mmm I could go for a bagel right now.

  4. I assume the password change will not be compulsory? As I have a PS3 and PSP, I have already chafed my password following the PS3 firmware update.

  5. I would assume this firmware update is key to the store being able to go live and allowing the welcome back package to be launched.

  6. This is already live, I dl and installed earlier.
    I can confirm it didn’t ask me to change my password, as I already did it on my PS3.

  7. It might not be earth shattering news but this is the only place i heard this piece of news so far today, unlike the MW3 video which every man and his dog is talking about… And by that I don’t mean metaphorically that all people are talking about the video, I mean that even Sheep Dog Monthly reported it as news today… (I expect they did anyway!)

  8. Coolio. Still loving my psp.

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