Space Marine Box Art Revealed

THQ’s upcoming Warhammer 40,000 shooter, Space Marine, will be launching with quite a snazzy inlay cover. There’s no variation between the PS3, 360, or PC cases, each one sporting an image of the Ork horde swarming a Space Marine protagonist. 40K nerds will also spot a sneaky Tyranid grunt towards the top right-hand corner. Expect to get your hands dirty with the game when it launches this August.



  1. Hope the game will be little more exciting than the cover,looking forward to it.

    • What? ur crazy… WICKED COVER!!!!

      • If somebody ask me a question,what is the 3 most significant style in the art of Warhammer 40k?I would say very bloody,ghotic and grotesque.The background on the cover is about 2/3 white,wich is the opposite of very bloody,ghotic and grotesque.But there is a good side,1/3 is really well made.

  2. That doesn’t look like a tyranid in the top right corner, looks more like a Khorne bloodletter (I feel like such a nerd for knowing that).

    • You’re probably right, but it’s tricky to tell without seeing the full head.

    • …could it be a Squigg?

      • Man, squiggs would be awesome in this game.

        And sorry if i sounded like a dick in the first post.

    • pretty sure its a tyranid genestealer, been watching this might be ok, will be waiting on review scores though.

      • Tell me it doesn’t look like this guy:

        Please use URL shorteners. ~n

  3. Great cover.

  4. Are they using the Unreal Engine by any chance… ;)

  5. I don’t see a Tyranid grunt…pretty sure that’s just a grot (Ork), not a termie or a hormagaunt or anything Nid.

  6. My crystal ball tells me this game will sell more copies on the XBOX 360

    • What makes you think that? Or is it just because the trend is that most multi-plats sell (and look?) better on 360?

  7. Could be tempted by this! Depends on the reviews I’m guessing.

  8. Looks okay, should be good considering its Warhammer but the game will have to get good reviews first.

  9. I believe Space Marine is using a modified Darksiders-engine, and I seem to remember that Darksiders ran a little better on PS3.

  10. Looking great! Love my Warhammer (hence the profile pic), and I will definitely be buying this!

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