WeView: Heavy Rain

So, Heavy Rain. What an unusual concept for a game. If this doesn’t completely divide the community then I’m not sure what game will. With its fairly unique approach to story telling and gameplay this seems like it should split the community again.

There’s no denying that Quantic Dream’s goal for Heavy Rain was truly breathtaking. The real question is did they manage to convert their vision into something we can actually play? Well we didn’t think they’d quite managed it when we reviewed it last February.

Heavy Rain has arrived with a bang. It’s flashy, technically stunning but ultimately slightly empty.

Characters vary from vapid to engaging, the FBI agent a highlight but lead Ethan tends to look bored rather than desperate. If you’re looking for a decent story with minimal interactivity to occupy a wet weekend, one cut with mystery and suspense, Quantic Dream’s latest might be right up your street, but gamers looking for anything else will be left out in the rain.

A great idea, but unfortunately one not fully realised.

Ultimately it just seems it was missing a little something. Our score reflects that, putting it at a 7. However, I can almost hear some of you shouting that we were so very wrong about the game. Take a breath, remember those words, head over to the forums and put them down in electronic form.

Once you’ve done that remember to give it a score on the Buy ItBargain Bin It, Rent ItAvoid It scale. Finally, if you want it included in the verdict post on Monday you need to get all of that done by Sunday afternoon, otherwise I’ll have already written the article.



  1. Hmmm, this is gonna be interesting because this game was too awesome to miss out on despite its minor flaws.
    “A great idea, but unfortunately one not fully realised” sums it up.

  2. Great game and concept, but zero replay value unfortunately, and if you consider some games that have a huge multiplayer element to them – this was a bit short-lived

  3. I came to the Heavy Rain party a little late and finally played it through with Move a few weeks ago.

    To me it was a fantastic experience, very fresh and kept me entertained all the way through to the conclusion of the game.

    For me however, it’s a one time playthrough. I know others may disagree but the whole purpose of the game for me was to see how I would react and what decisions I would make when the game faced me with certain scenarios. I have no interest in manipulating a game mechanic for trophies, hence I doubt I will play through it again for a long time.

    As a one off experience however I enjoyed it thoroughly.

    • Totally agreed…one particular part (Warning: SPOILER) when the guy is drowning in the car when it’s overturned….the game can’t actually continue with him killed so he has to survive. Don’t get me wrong, it is a very good game while it lasts.

  4. Posted mine :)
    <3 HR

  5. Heavy Rain, good shout. I’m intrigued to see how TSA’s GoTY 2010 fairs several months on – I never actually got round to finishing it (my playthrough was interrupted by a YLOD) so I’m not really best placed to comment!

  6. The actor that plays the asthmatic detective is in a Steven Seagal film called Submerged – its pretty good too

    • Your statement makes no sense. A Steven seagal film that’s pretty good? Oxymoron. No such thing exists

      • OI!! I wont hear a bad word said about ol’ fast hands! He is a legend! ;)

      • Is there anything he can’t do? He even has his own brand of energy drinks!

      • I’m just the Cook!

      • He can’t beat..Chuck Norris..

  7. Cool, I might have a go at this later.

  8. I don’t wanna write lots about this. Heavy Rain was my first rental and I was totally hooked on it for the two weeks I had it. The story is great, the story paths were great albeit annoying to do all of them if you didn’t play the game a certain way. Loved the game and you’ll find that Teflon points out that it is best to bargain bin it nowadays considering that’s where it’ll be everywhere, only really necessary to not bargain bin games with online codes nowadays surely?

  9. LA Noire in a month or so. Been playing it and have some stuff to say.

  10. JASon! jasON! jason! terrible voice acting

    • Or wonderful voice acting, if the spawning of internet memes is what you’re after :)

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