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No PSN Store, No Online For PS3 DiRT 3

PS3 owners hoping to burn some online rubber in DiRT3 will find themselves stuck in the pits unless the PS Store makes a miraculous recovery by Friday.

The DiRT 3 VIP pass that is required to race online must be redeemed via the PlayStation store – no store, no pass, no online shenanigans.

‘It is a really unfortunate situation but we are positive that everything is being done to rectify the service as soon as possible,’ said Codemasters’ Communications Manager, Andy Gray, speaking to Videogamer.

Those who purchase a pre-owned copy of DiRT 3 can buy an online pass for 800 Microsoft Points or £6.29 via the PS Store  – when it finally chugs back in to life.

You can read our full review of the game here.


  1. I hate this online pass system, it creates issues like this!

    • Lol and how many times has this issue actually happened.




      4 times?

      nah I’ll go with just the once!

      • Once is enough, people have waited long enough to go online again, without having to wait for the PS store to come back just because everyone’s getting anal about pre-owned games

      • Exactly it’s only once! People will get over it

  2. Noire time it is.

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