No PSN Store, No Online For PS3 DiRT 3

PS3 owners hoping to burn some online rubber in DiRT3 will find themselves stuck in the pits unless the PS Store makes a miraculous recovery by Friday.

The DiRT 3 VIP pass that is required to race online must be redeemed via the PlayStation store – no store, no pass, no online shenanigans.


‘It is a really unfortunate situation but we are positive that everything is being done to rectify the service as soon as possible,’ said Codemasters’ Communications Manager, Andy Gray, speaking to Videogamer.

Those who purchase a pre-owned copy of DiRT 3 can buy an online pass for 800 Microsoft Points or £6.29 via the PS Store  – when it finally chugs back in to life.

You can read our full review of the game here.



  1. Why are they not doing like the mortal kombat team?

    • What’s that?

      • They revoked the online pass for MK until the PS Store is back up

      • Thanks. Hmm, can’t see why this couldn’t be done for DiRT 3 then.

    • My first thought as well.

    • Maybe its hard coded on the disc that an online pass needs to be redeemed?

  2. I’m thoroughly enjoying the DiRT Tour, but wouldnt mind getting my wheels dirty online soon! Come on Sony pull the finger out!!

    • I think the point of this one is the quote.

    • The point is that they’re not going to patch in temporary online abilities whilst PSN is down.

    • *Blows raspberry at Davs*

  3. Two fairly simple measures that they could use for a short while would surely alleviate this.

    Firstly, build in a 2 day online trial, as seen in every EA game with Online Passes, and most other places, so that people can give it a quick go, and then decide to buy VIP when purchasing pre-owned… Or in this instance, just get to pop online for a while and play whilst we wait.

    Second, they could release a patch for the game to disable the need for a VIP pass temporarily, and then release a second patch once PSN is up to re-enable the requirement. Apparently they can’t do this, but I say that’s a total crock. The only reason why it’s not plausible is if they’re starting to do the patch today, in which case it then has to go through several bouts of testing, but they’ve had a month, and all the time since the game went Gold to prepare this.

    In other words, this is just poor.

    • I don’t see why they cant do this. Netherrealm studios did

      • Where there’s a will, there’s a way. The way this has been implemented by Codies has disappointed me.

    • Agreed, they had a good incling that the store wouldn’t re-open until the end of May at the least so they would know that the game would be out there for at least a week with no chance of online play. What they did instead of introducing a patch to enable the online play during that period was to fiddle with DLC packs instead :(

    • Mortal Kombat has code that can update simply with an internet connection active, so patches aren’t needed for things like disabling the pass. Dirt 3 probably doesn’t have that, and Sony has slowed right down the approval process for patches apparently, with other things to work on. Knowing this, Codies likely decided it wasn’t worth the effort, with the Store likely to be up before such a patch could be produced and approved.

      • Good point, and that is likely the case. I think we are all a little cynical these days though so soon after our period with no PSN and so will probably imagine the worst scenario ;)

  4. Missing the online play but it gives me time to get more of the career done.
    £6.29 is a bit pricey.

    • Wait, so you have to pay that much extra for an online pass, even if you got the game new and paid the full price? That’s rediculous…

      • No, only if you buy second hand. The pass comes free with a new copy of the game.

        £6.29 is very expensive though!

      • No, if you read the article properly you’ll see they say “Those who purchase a pre-owned copy of DiRT 3” need to buy the online pass – the code is in the box when you buy it, you just can’t redeem it while the PSN store is down.

      • I have to admit Kerash that is also the way i understood this headline , so basically this hardly affects anybody.

      • actually it effects everybody, who has the ps3 version, new buyers can’t redeem their code so they can’t play online, and any preowned buyers, if there are any yet, can’t but the online pass, so they can’t play online.

      • Sorry, rushed through the article. Thanks for the heads up!

    • £6.29 is a good price. It should make more people buy new games insteed.

  5. They should do what Ed Boon did, gave everyone free online pass till store is up and running again

  6. Hurry up already Sony. It’s been more than a month.

  7. In reality, what they should’ve done was not program the need for an online pass in the 1st place…….just my opinion tho :\

  8. for everybody who bought this game, they’re denied a part of the game that now has a cost attached, which means codemasters have a responsibility to their customers.

    i don’t like that netherrealm used an online pass for mortal kombat, but at least they’re living up to the their responsibility to their customers.
    not a policy codemasters are keen to pursue it seems.

    people will remember things like this the next time a codemasters game is released.

    i mean, if they’re going to use an online pass, they cannot just ignore a situation like this.

  9. We`ve got till 2016 to redeem the VIP codes anyway, so i think the store might be back up by then >:-)

    • lol that made me chuckly and slightly worrying now though *gulp*

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