Rumour: New Edition To Bring Trophies To Oblivion?

On Monday, we brought you the news that The Elder Scroll IV: Oblivion would be getting a re-release in the form of the ‘5th Anniversary Edition’, ahead of Skyrim’s debut later this year. With the boxart now posted over at Amazon, it looks like trophies may well be included in this new edition of the game.

Of course, trophies would be a nice addition to the game – the question of their inclusion was the very first comment on that announcement post – but up to now, re-releases of older games on the PS3 have not usually been updated. As spotted by PSLS, the back of the new silver boxart shows ‘trophies’ alongside ‘add-on content’ in the PlayStation Network banner.

Now don’t get all too excited – we had almost exactly the same situation with Metal Gear Solid 4 last year and it turned out to be a typo. The difference though is the MGS4 re-release was just for the budget ‘Greatest Hits’ line in the US, whereas this is a fully-fledged ‘ultimate edition’ of Oblivion.

Take it with a pinch of salt of course until we get clarification from Bethesda, but this could just be the reason you were looking for to play through one of the greatest western RPGs of recent times all over again.

Source: Amazon, via PlayStation LifeStyle



  1. And rightly effing so.

  2. I wonder if they’d patch it to other editions of Oblivion on PS3.

    • I think that they would have to wouldn’t they?

      • If this turns out to be true of course.

  3. And how many hours is this gonna plat!!! Lol

    • Very true. I’ve gone through this once already, I’m not going to do it again just for the trophies.

      • It took me to get 1250 points on the 360 version.
        But I think I would gladly do it all again, great game :)

      • It took you how long?

      • Sorry, I meant to put I dunno how long it took me to get all the cheevs on 360 version. Played it on and off for best part of 2 years though :)

  4. Has this even been confirmed for Europe yet?

    I’d be sure to get it, trophies would give me an excuse for yet another playthrough.

    • I was wondering the same, can’t anticipate it if it’s not even coming here.

      • No news yet – waiting to hear back from Bethesda :)

    • You could always import it quite easily if it doesn’t come to Europe.

  5. Lol. I actually got 3 editions of Oblivion around here. One pc version, one ps3 version and another ps3 version with the addons..
    I suppose I’ll have to get myself a fourth version. =P

  6. If they give it trophies… im SO buying this version.

  7. I’ve nearly bought this game quite a few times while looking through the bargain games in Gamestation. If this package comes to EU and has trophy support, i may pick it up this time


    Assuming it’s true, I wonder if they’ll release a patch for older versions…

    I would pay for it again, either way. :P

  9. if it actually has trophys, im soooooooo gonna platinum it!

    • Same, my brother has it but I never bothered even playing it due to the lack of trophies. If it does get a patch then my poor PS3 will get a thorough workout in the weeks following.

  10. Now playing through FA:NV so I won’t have time for this right now, and sadly I might not get it as I’m saving up for November releases.

    Uncharted 3
    Modern Warfare 3
    Battlefield 3 (October)

    Too many good games plues I still have to pick up L.A. Noire!

    • Splinter Cell HD Trilogy in June = yes please

      • want that game as well TURRICAN-808.

      • Dammit! I forgot about that one! Not enough money =(

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