Sony: Full PSN Back By End Of May… Ish

According to Reuters, Sony are still aiming to restore the whole PlayStation Network before the end of May… ish.

The date does not seem to be set in stone, however, as the report quotes Sony as saying “if it is later it would only be by a few days.”


The PSN has recently been down for a few hours for further maintenance and in a post on the EU blog Sony reiterated that they are ‘aiming’ for the end of May.

I’m going to bet on June 2nd, what’s your guess?

Source: Reuters



  1. I think it will be back for america on the 31st May then Europe on the 1st June

  2. well i would say june the first as thats a wednesday and store update day.

    Also is it true that the redeem code in account management has been turned back on so everyone can get online for things that need online codes?

    • Can anybody check this?

      • Doesn’t it just redirect you to the Store?

      • Just checked, does not work.

      • Not true.
        Just checked and it simply gives a message saying “This service is currently undergoing maintenance”

      • MK has “turned off” the redeem codes for now. An example for many other developers out there.

      • EA have done ths as well, at least for FIFA 11.

    • Would this also include the L.A Noire DLC and Wallet funding then?

  3. E3 week likely

  4. Another sweepstake perhaps? ;) I don’t really mind it being down at the moment but i’ll be getting dirt 3 soon so i’m hoping it’ll be up quite soon :D

  5. Wednesday June 15th.

  6. DEFINETLY before E3…or else…

  7. 1th june

    • Ah… the good old wunth of June!

  8. Oh… If it’s not up by the 31th may, they are in for a major shitstorm. People are already pissed enough and if they can’t keep their promise to get it up by the 31th… oh boy.

    Personally I miss the store, but if it’s delayed a day or two more, so be it. But if it’s not up by 8th June, then I’m gonna loose my patience.

    • They have never promised anything, their statements have always said ‘aiming’ (or something similar) as is reiterated twice in this article.

      • Actually in start of may they said it would be up by the 31th and then later on, they changed it to hoping it would be up by then,

        Problem is people are dead sure it will be up by the 31th of may, so if it’s not, people are going to be pissed, no matter what.

    • Don’t include me in those “people” . I have an active sex life and can easily go without it for a few more weeks (the store!)

      • I wish I had an active sex life…

  9. To be honest, as much as I love my PS3, I have found the last month I have hardly touched it. For my wife, its excellent, and I am also starting to realise that I play on it too much, and don’t need to be on it all the time.

    If many other people have realised the same thing, then I dare say it could mean a lot less people online and downloading games. I for one will only use PSN cards from now on.

  10. I predict it will be back up on 21/10/11. Looks like the Sony Guessing game is about to begin. I hope they do a half price sale on everything. If it comes back up in june does that mean we will be able to get the June Update for Plus?

    • As far as I recall, James on the EU blog said that it would be May’s content that would be available for people who are not currently plus subscribers.

    • The only thing i am worried about is if you are a 1 year plus subscriber then they added the so called 60 days free plus on the 20th in theory the clock is ticking down on are plus subscriptions and no store to download from.Did they only update the original day one 1 year plus members subscriptions because all the free content was going to run out in the middle of june and people would be pissed as the games would then not work,and the games will still run out as it needs the store to function to reset there expire date.Just check the info on plus games to check for yourself.

      • Mine was also extended from the 20th for 60 extra days (though oddly that only shows up on my services list, my games still say they expire 2 months earlier). I don’t think it will be a big issue though, they can always tack an extra week on when the store comes back.

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