Valve Release Portal 2 Soundtrack

Fire an orange portal over to the official Portal website and leave a blue one here, then not only will you have direct access to the website from TSA, but you’ll find the lovely treat of Volume 1 of the Portal 2 soundtrack and you’ll leave a hole in TSA.

Wait, that’s not good; don’t do that. Just stop thinking with portals and visit the website instead, then click Download Volume I to get a wonderful 22-song collection of songs from Portal 2 – full songs, too.


It’s a mix comprised of electronic songs; some which will throw you straight back into Aperture Laboratories, some which you’ll recognise vaguely from the game and some that you might have missed. It’s definitely worth a download, and you can’t really go wrong for free, can you?

Unfortunately, there’s no sign of ‘Want You Gone’, the spoilerific credits track from Jonathan Coulton, but there is the wonderful ‘Turret Wife Serenade’, the brilliant ‘The Courtesy Call’, and the blast that is ‘Science is Fun’, which you’ll no doubt recognise straight away.

There’s some ringtone versions available on the page, too, so you can customise your mobile device’s sounds and show off your enrichment centre success.



  1. I have the soundtrack! But not the game :( I will be getting it.. maybe after orange box playthrough of games

  2. Yoink! Was hoping for this and completely willing to pay full price for it on iTunes… Awesome :)

  3. With this being Volume 1, I wonder what they’ll include in Volume 2 (apart from Want You Gone, hopefully).
    I’d love for them to release some of the more well known quotes like this too, saves me the bother of hunting them down in the Steam files. “SPAAAAACE! I’m in space.”

    • I’m sure there was more songs in the co-op portion of the game, and in general.
      I can’t wait for Volume 2. Favourite tracks?

    • I’m in Space! So much space! Need to see it all! :D

  4. Playing the game and downloading the soundtrack at the same time. Can it get any cooler?

    • Yep, writing about the game and listening to the soundtrack.
      Cooler than cool ;)

  5. Awesome, I was hoping they’d release the soundtrack at some point, but didn’t expect it to be free. Epic also gave away the Bulletstorm soundtrack recently, I hope more developers think it’s a good idea :)

  6. Im disappointed that my favourite song wasn’t on this. It shares the title of chapter 9 – which in it’s self is a spoiler so I wont mention… I also want the credits song. Thankful it’s free anyways. Nice one!

  7. I’m gonna download this, but not gonna listen to it until I manage to pick up the game, I’m way too poor at the moment. Being a Uni student really sucks sometimes.

  8. Great move.

  9. is anybody else reminded of daft punk’s tron legacy soundtrack while listening to this?

    • Totally right there with ya, man. And ironically enough, while watching Tron: Legacy, its soundtrack reminded me of the original Portal’s…

  10. I don’t think I noticed the music at all through my playthrough, except for the final song which was brilliant again. Will give it a download seeing as it’s free.

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