The First 30 Minutes (ish) of Red Faction Armageddon

Below you can see me playing the first 30 minutes of Red Faction Armageddon. There’s a free trial available on OnLive if you feel like giving it a go yourself, too, it’s free to sign up after all.

Yes, I died twice, what of it?



  1. A really shame that this is releasing the same week as Infamous2.It’s summer and that time i only buy like 1 game and it will be Infamous 2.

  2. Theres a demo available on Xbox Live Marketplace too. I’ve never really paid this franchise any attention, but I was really impressed with how stuff you shoot ACTUALLY gets destroyed, rather than scripted animations. Although i’d like to see more destructible environments, it’s still pretty awesome.

    It kinda reminds me of how epic Prey felt when it was first released, going through it’s demo and having my mind blown by all the portal trickery.

  3. The anticipation! It’s killing me! Guerilla is still one of my favorite PS3 games. Sorry, can’t watch the video, because I don’t want to get spoilered…

    • What ^that guy up there said.

      Can’t wait for it. The annoying thing is, it comes out 4 days before I go on holiday, so I can’t play it much. :(

  4. Never really got faction but my bro loves em.

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