Sony Squash ‘PS4’ Tittle-tattle

Remember when everyone and his dog was shouting about “PS4” last week, just because Sony’s finance chief Masaru Kato uttered the words ‘Future Platform’?

We do, mainly because we thought, like one or two other sites, that he might have been referring to the NGP.  Not quite as interesting a headline, but probably closer to the truth in the long run.  Them’s the breaks.


So, why the post?  Well, it appears a Sony spokesperson has, er, spoken on the matter, saying that the quote was “taken out of context” and actually referenced “their work on the NGP.”

Here’s what Kato said originally:

“For the home equipment the PS3 still has a product life, but this is a platform business, so for the future platform – when we’ll be introducing what product I cannot discuss that- but our development work is already under way, so the costs are incurred there.”

NGP? PSP2?  Vita.  Whatever – it’s not about the PS4.  Apparently.

Whether or not this is just Sony trying to squash talk of a successor to the PS4 as the PS3 starts to get into its groove is anyone’s guess – Sony must be working on the PS4 in some form or another, but right now that quote’s all about the NGP.

Back to your coffees.



  1. Does that mean Sony commented on rumour and speculation?

    • You could consider it a clarification on a misinterpretation.

    • Yeah, they did.

  2. If you actually stopped and thought about it, which most sites didn’t. Obviously not for ps4 as it would be way too early to be spending enough on r&d for it to get mentioned in a financial call unless it was going to be released next year or something!

    • The cell processor was in development for over 4 years and had at least $400 million spent on it, even the PS2s emotion engine went through alot of time and money. It’s in no way unprecedented, hell, I guarantee you, Sony are in full R&D on the PS3s successor.

      In fact, the PR guy isn’t making much sense, he is in fact the one taking the things out of context, as in the original quote, Kato is specifically referring to an unannounced home console…

  3. Nice work, Kato!

  4. Ps4 is definitely bring developed. I cant imagine how awesome it will e -:)

    • They are probably still trying to work that out too!

  5. I remember months ago, about one year or so, reading that Sony already had experts on hardware working on PS4 (NGP was already anounced by that time)… So, whatever Kato and the spokeperson said… I still think they are (were) refering to PS4 :P

    • I think so too if you read that text you kind of get the idea that PS3 is still going strong but it is a platform business meaning that other companies are building their new consoles so Sony is building PS4

      • Exacty, the ‘development work is already underway line’ gives it away. There’s no need to state that about the NGP, as it has been underway for a while and is presumably finished by now. About the NGP my eye!

      • yes, but for the amount of cash being spent to be considerable enough to be mentioned in a financial call, you would be talking about something in development being released in a mere few years, which is too soon for the PS4, as ages ago, Sony stated that the PS3 was going to have a lifespan of 10 years at least, before they would release the next one

      • and before the amount of crap they have suffered with it, the PS3 hasn’t been anywhere near as successful as they had hoped. Perhaps with the knowledge of Nintendo openely releasing their next console and MS rumnoured to have their next console already in developers hands, the PS4 coming sooner than expected isn’t all that unsurprising.

        I find it funny people are not willing to believe there is enough money being spent on the next PS home console, but do believe it about the development of the NGP which is all but ready to hit stores in less than 6 months time, what development is there that could be ‘already underway’? Already finished.

      • I doubt they go all the way with the 10 years lifespan right now.

        PS3 had (has) too many troubles, either due to piracy (including stolen data) or when being compared with xbox on multiplatform games.

        According to wikipedia (i dont remember) it was released on 2006… I honestly doubt we’ll see it’s lifespan going further than 2013. I hope im wrong tho, atm I cant afford a PS4!!! ;)

      • I’m thinking aboutt 2014, and I’m hoping they will have learnt from the mistakes they made with the PS3 for the launch of their nextr console.

        They could still have the 10 year lifespan with another console about to hit too, just as has happened with the PS2, which has also had a 10 year lifespan.

      • “Sony stated that the PS3 was going to have a lifespan of 10 years at least, before they would release the next one”

        Sony have never said that they wouldn’t release another console until the PS3 had been out for 10 years. They just said it would have a 10 year lifespan, a completely different thing…

        And considering that Nintendo are going to be showing their next gen console at E3, I would seriously put money on Sonys next console coming out in 2013.

      • @carson321

        It’s will have a 10 year life span in the same way the the PS2 did. But it won’t be on the market for 10 years before a new console is introduced. With Nintendo releasing next year and MS already well into development of their next console, it would be suicide for Sony to wait another 5 years to release.

        And as far as the cash being spent, no, that woulnd’t indicate that the console was being released next year (as per your first comment). R&D for new consoles/technology is quite costly, and goes on for years prior to a final product.

  6. Of course they are working on PS4! They make hardware what do you expect their r&d team to be doing? I suspect we won’t see it for another 2 years though…

  7. better start saving now then shouldn’t I?

  8. Sony can’t afford to let Microsoft get a head start on the next generation like last time. I hope they stay on top of things.

  9. development should be underway to allow them to better prepared and to produce the best hardware/os possible.(dual cell processor maybe)since sony owns the cell processing plant they may want to keep the cell production as long as possible may be thats the reason they are giving the ps3 a 10 year lifespan.

  10. Sounds like he said something he wasn’t supposed to. If it was the NGP then he would’ve said, the NGP not a “future platform”. Still PS4 in my books.

    • Exactly if it is the NGP why wouldn’t he just say so everybody already knows about it anyways

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