CoD Elite “Premium” Gives Access To MW3 DLC

According to Gamerzines, Elite member players will get access to all the Modern Warfare 3 DLC.

“I’m very happy to tell you that an Elite membership will be an all-inclusive membership,” said Jamie Berger, Activision’s VP of Digital.  “That means that it’s going to provide full access to all Modern Warfare 3 DLC as part of the membership.”


Such a purchase – which is still unpriced – would also grant access to a “full suite of services year-round and beyond Modern Warfare 3.”

Berger re-iterates that there’s no charge beyond the price of game for just playing online.  “Call of Duty does not and will not charge for multiplayer,” he said, “and that is our continued commitment to our players.”

“Additionally if you’re the type of guy who just likes buying map packs on their own, that’s not a problem,” Berger added. “We’re going to continue to offer map packs for Modern Warfare 3 a la carte as a continued option for our players.”

Sounds like the dedicated hardcore Call of Duty players won’t be able to miss this at all.  Everyone else can pick and choose…

Update: looks like we might have misinterpreted the original story here.  There’s no ‘premium’ service above and beyond the Elite service.  Apologies for that, the story has been adjusted.



  1. Told you so, see my comment of the earlier article.

  2. Does it include compensation for when PSN is down?

  3. If I bought the membership just over summer would have full access to all the things? Because if that worked out cheaper than the map packs then I can see it is an economic choice. Beyond that it seems bloody stupid.

  4. Wait, wait.
    A membership fee to be the top level of member AFTER paying a membership fee to be an elite member AFTER paying top money to buy MW3 AFTER (if on xbox) paying for Gold subscription?
    Madness, there’s got to be enough money for another brand new game or two in there somewhere!

    • Think I mentioned on another thread, game + live + 12 months elite will be £150 – £180 to play one game for a year. You could buy 3-4 games + live for that.

    • Think the story’s a bit misleading.

      From what he said, if you pay for the premium service, i.e. pay the monthly sub and not just avail of the free stuff, you will get access to the DLC for free.

      Don’t think there is another level on top of that.

      • The thing I don’t get is why don’t they just charge extra for the game. If they did that, everyone would have to pay.

  5. I wonder if this is replacing the exclusivity money Microsoft paid for the map-packs in the last few CoDs??

    • It would want to be.
      If PS3 owners buy into this, and still find themselves waiting for the map-packs, that’s a lot of very unhappy subscribers.

      • Yeah if i was to pay for this i would want the maps at the same time as 360 owners.

  6. Might want to restructure that first sentence a bit guys, the “Premium Membership” is the monthly sub, it’s not something else on top of that.

  7. Does this include decent servers? Or will they cost even more?

    • No, it doesn’t include dedicated servers.

  8. Sadly, I think a lot of hardcore COD fans will go ahead and pay for this, which unfortunately will set a costly precedent for future games…..

  9. any idiot that pays for this deserves all they get from such a crap publisher such as Activision. If they said dedicated servers etc for Elite then I might of thought its not so bad, but you are going to still get the rubbish connections issues. So all you get is basically stats?

  10. Great idea for players who will definately buy the map packs (similar to rockstars new online pass system). I’m all for it :)

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