Deus Ex Human Revolution E3 Trailer

Things you will see in the new Deus Ex Human Revolution E3 Trailer: Neon lighting, mechs, guns, beards, ultra-cool eye wear, petrol bombs, a Windmill that is missing some data and Queen Elizabeth.

How Queen Liz appears in the story is a mystery but don’t take my word for it, check out the E3 trailer below which features a few snippets of gameplay footage and lots of lovely cutscenes, some of which feature Her Maj.


There is a small possibilty that the character in the video is not Queen Elizabeth, but I am hoping it is. Ninja cyborg monarchs are so much fun.



  1. This game looks amazing! I love the bladerunner feel from this game.

  2. Absolutely can’t wait, I just hope the high quality of the various trailers are indicative of the game itself.

    Such a shame it’s already leaked.

  3. AG2297’s really kicking butt!

    • Damn right!

      • Hehe I thought I knew this guy :p

      • See that bit where AG brutally slaughters a pair of hooded yobs? That’s what’ll happen to you if you spam on TSA…
        You. Have. Been. Warned.


  4. And with this comment, I grant myself, Level 4! XD

    Great treailer, reminds me of Splinter Cell but with the cool kills as Assassin’s Creed [Metal Gear Solid added in for the guns] and probably the great story that comes with AC.

    Really looks great, I dunno whether I’m going to be playing this game to rid the world of Humans or rid the world of Cyborgs though :S

    • Seriously? You mention MGS and condone Assassin’s Creed for it’s story?

      For shame!

  5. Looks great, i’m thinking it’ll be one to really get stuck into.

  6. had this on preorder for ages.

    • I think I’m gonna have to cave and order that collectors edition. I will definitely regret it if I don’t.

      Most anticipated game of the year? I think so :)

  7. Cannot wait for this, been following it since last years E3 and really, REALLY hyped for it! :D Collectors edition it is for me :)

  8. Really looking forward to this!

    However, the facial animation is looking rather disappointing…

  9. Jesus….

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