First Trailer For ‘Metro: Last Light’

THQ confirmed in their latest financial call that a sequel to Metro 2033 is indeed in the works, but outside of its name, no other information was given. Below, we’ve got the first trailer for ‘Metro: Last Light’ but unfortunately, despite being a hauntingly stylish reveal, it doesn’t offer any new details.

The only thing it does offer that some gamers were still unclear on is confirmation that it will be coming to the PlayStation 3, unlike its predecessor. Outside of that, if you’re hungry for more info, you’ll have to wait until our full preview goes live. You won’t have to wait long.

Source: YouTube



  1. cool video… the trailer was too fast and blurry but i guess its a way to get people intrested and want to see more and i just fell for it right away… =)

    • Could someone not just use a Youtube video recorder and pick the frames apart? I loved the video as a whole but would like to see stills of the gameplay footage in there. ‘Metro’ wasn’t even on my radar. Didnt know the first even existed!

  2. That gave me a headache! I hope they improve on the first game. It was a good game but flawed in many ways.

  3. That’s how you do a proper teaser right there! Not just a vague picture and a date, but a damn barrage of impressions that still leaves you with just a basic feel for the mood and setting.

    I’m all excited, now! I really hope it delivers.

    • I agree. This teaser is fantastic!

    • my thoughts exactly and you can’t go wrong with machine gun for the soundtrack!

  4. I really liked that trailer.

  5. Yayy it’s on PS3 :D

  6. After a very original and fresh game, now a very orignal trailer for the follow-up aswell…can’t wait! Really liked the first one.

  7. Could be a belter.

  8. This trailer just reminds me of fall out 3. Maybe it was all the gas masks.

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