New Bodycount Screens & Box Art

Now, here’s a game we haven’t heard from in a while, Codies’ Bodycount. Since Stuart Black’s (the appropriately-named co-creator of 2006’s Black) departure last year, there has been a shadow hanging the game’s production, though the emergence of brand new screens and a box art sample would suggest Bodycount is definitely on course for its supposed Summer release.



  1. Badly needs a gameplay trailer

  2. Everything I’ve seen of this so far (admittedly very little) has looked pretty average. I hope the final game proves me wrong :)

    • Pretty much the same impression I’ve had of all that I’ve seen. Also, really not very keen on the cover art…

      • Same, the cover art is pretty standard an boring. Personally I think we need more new and different ones like the Resistance 3 one.

  3. I thought this had come out ages ago, so that shows how well they’ve been marketing it. I’ll be very surprised if this is anything better than average.

  4. looks like a generic supermarket’s own brand fps.

  5. Bodycount – because the PS3 and 360 need another FPS ;)

  6. links like all of Codie’s recent games, awful.. (thinking of Op Flashpoint, Cricket games, etc here…)

  7. Looks like a straight to DVD action film cover. The game looks shite as well.

  8. Never judge a game by its cover, in this case, please do.

  9. I’m really quite looking forward to Bodycount. It’s probably at least somewhat to do with it’s link to Black, plus I like what little I’ve hears about it.

  10. First I have heard of this experiencing problems..

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