Codemasters Shut Bodycount Studio

Codemasters are to shut their Guildford studio, the team behind recent shooter Bodycount.

In line with the strategy, the company is proposing to retire from its facility in Guildford, most recently responsible for the shooter Bodycount. If progressed, the move will affect 66 Guildford studio personnel; staff are now involved in a consultation period to discuss the proposal.

Codemasters intend to close down their ‘action and strategy’ teams and focus on their strengths, namely the Dirt and F1 games. The teams for these games will be increasing and a new racing IP will be created.


As ever, our thoughts are with those who have lost their jobs.

Source: GI.Biz



  1. I feel really bad by giving Bodycount as an avoid to my friends and gamers well I did purchase it on Day 1 and sold it in 7days
    Honestly it was not enjoyable! Codies should stick to racing games

  2. Hope those affected get sorted.

    Instead of a new racing IP why not a GRID sequel?

  3. I wonder if this was solely as a result of Bodycount or whether it would have happened if Bodycount had done well

  4. Moral of the story: don’t release crap games at a time where gamers are soon to be swimming in AAA titles…

    • I have to agree, its dog eat dog out there. I do feel sorry for those who lost their jobs, so hopefully they can find something elsewhere.

  5. Sad news to hear people lost there jobs, i love Codemasters and the titles, but Bodycount was terrible, if there is a new racing game series coming from all this then im happy, Codies are the best at racing games in my opinion, please can this new games series be a BTCC touring car game like back in the day, yes please! :-)

    • Same for me, a BTCC game again would be awesome but I think that is more likely to be included in GRID 2 rather than a standalone game if it features at all.

    • I agree on both the job losses and the touring car games. Whatever happened to the TOCA series?

    • Much preferred the old BTCC games to Grid. Not that I didn’t enjoy Grid and will def buy Grid2, but a proper touring car game would be great.

  6. My understanding of this is that the staff are being moved, rather than being fired. I thought the staff will be incorporated into existing teams making Dirt etc. I think it’s more of a restructuring than a closure.

  7. How about making a GRID 2. Or even confirming a release date or something. GRID was the first online game I played alot of on a daily basis until in 2009 I realised that COD4 I had got in 2007 had Multiplayer.

  8. Here’s the developer ‘bodycount’ for the past 8 months, not mentioning Activision’s many layoffs at the beginning:

    – Bizarre Creations (Activision)
    – Hudson Entertainment
    – Kaos (THQ)
    – Digital Warrington (THQ)
    – Black Rock Studios (Disney)
    – THQ Blue Tongue
    – THQ Brisbane

    Funny that THQ have been responsible for most. I would consider this to be pretty irresponsible still, just because a developer made a certain type of game or didn’t make a game so well doesn’t mean the developer can’t be fixed. Additionally I would point most problems with game sales directly at marketing and operations that have not done their job properly with releasing the game at the right time or with enough coverage. Just look at Shadows of the Damned, thank god EA didn’t close that developer.

    • Hasn’t LA Noire’s Team Bondi gone west as well?

    • Shame about Bizzare and Blue Tongue; Blur was really good and Operation Genesis was an all time favourite of mine :(

  9. Was Operation Flashpoint from the same team as Bodycount? I thought that was a Codemasters-developed title too.

  10. I guess nobody makes racing games better than the Codies. I’d much rather they focused on making top-notch racing games such as GRID 2, F1 2012 and DiRT 4 rather than trying other genres. Any idea what the new IP could be?

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