Rumour: PS Store Returning On Friday?

The last we heard from Sony is that the PlayStation Store would be back “by the end of the week”, which more than a couple of people took to mean “next week sometime”. But a posting from a Minis developer may have revealed that the Store is indeed set to return this Friday.

“Block Cascade Fusion is coming as Minis for PS3 and PSP to North America on 3rd June 2011!” wrote Gamelion on their Facebook page a couple of hours ago. The Friday date suggests that it may be one of the games released in the first post-hack Store publish.

Of course, even if that statement turns out to be correct, there’s no confirmation that the European and American Stores will be reactivated at the same time – although we’d hope so.

The Network maintenance (that noted the Store would be unavailable) rescheduled from earlier in the week is now due to take place tonight, with an estimated completion time of 7am tomorrow. Perhaps the Store will be back tomorrow, with the first publish on Friday, including Block Cascade Fusion? Maybe it’ll be back tomorrow, with new content, and the aforementioned Mini in the second content push? Or even just reactivated on Friday, loaded with new goodies?

Really, we don’t know yet, and we likely won’t until after tonight’s maintenance, but we know you’re all eagerly waiting for the Store’s return so thought we’d pass the message on.

Source: Facebook, via PSLS



  1. Really hope this is true, want to finally get on Dirt 3 online :)

    • Me too VIP is a good idea but it sucks when you carnt redeem the code need to get the online trophys and attempt to whoop some ass while I’m at it :)

      • Fingers crossed!

      • Miss the store big time. Even miss the chime as you load up :-(

  2. Please please i really hope it will be up tomorrow. Do want the psp games as im going away the whole weekend for boring stuff.

  3. Fingers crossed, hopefully the store will be revamped too rather than just restored, although I wont be complaining if it isnt :P

    • Its okay so far, why would it need to be changed :/

      It would be nice if the Download list was revamped though, like the power to remove demos and old betas.

      • Thank you! I have something like 600+ items on my download list and a huge chunk of that is demo’s and some beta’s that I’m never going to want again. It can make looking for older stuff you actually do want to re-download a real chore.

  4. It’s my birthday tomorrow, and while they waived the MK online pass, I’d like to get it out of the way the day I get it. Hopefully, then, the Store will be back online tomorrow.

    • Happy birthday for tomorrow. :p

    • Happy birthday for tomorrow man!

  5. I want to download all the Final Fantasies…..

  6. I’ve gotten to the point where I no longer care, if it comes, it comes, if it doesn’t, it doesn’t. Simples.

  7. Meh just the store. As long as online gameplay is functional, I don’t mind when PSN store comes.

    • I’m pretty much the complete opposite. Don’t care in the slightest about online play, but miss all the original content on the Store.

    • Yes… I really want to try out Under Siege, huge fan of RTS’s would be interesting to see how well it will play with the Move and if the map editor is anywhere similar to Age of Empires.

    • It is however a problem with the two are tied together. Without the store no one can get online with Dirt 3 or Mortal Kombat (although they temp patched the latter eventually).

  8. With the Duke Nukem demo due out on Friday, I really hope this is true

    • I didn’t know it was out this Friday! You’ve just made this week a little bit better, thanks man haha!!

  9. Maybe maintenance today, store Thursday and first publish on Friday.

  10. Hope this is true!

    • Yeah, it would be yet another knock in the head if it wasn’t.

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