Silent Hill HD Collection Coming Too

pew pew!
So, Metal Gear Solid and Zone of the Enders. We knew about those ages ago, right? Well, we didn’t know about Silent Hill.

The game will be a collection including Silent Hill 2 and Silent Hill 3 and will be remastered to look pretty as possible on the big screen. This joins the news of Silent Hill: Book of Memories making its way to the NGP/PS Vita. Both newly announced games will come after the soon-to-be-released Silent Hill: Downpour, due late this year.



  1. Wait another collection missing the first in the series ?

    • Surely remixing each of the playstation versions of MGS and SH would take more time than a Playstation 2 game?

      • i’d settle for the ps1 game just rendered in a higher resolution, i had hoped that the ps1 emulator in the ps3 would be able to do that.

        i’d like to find a good pc ps1 emulator that can do that.
        i tried bleem years ago and games looked pretty bloody good on that.

  2. Nice :) Will definitely buy this.

  3. I’ll keep an eye on the new game but i’m not sure i want to revisit the old ones… perhaps with a new control system. The last game seemed a bit clunky so i’m hoping for better things with Heavy- i mean Downpour.

  4. Oh god… please Zone of The Enders next

    • ZoE HD Collection was already confirmed way back in, I think, January

      • It was? I must have missed that.

        Delayed (but still relevant) OH YEAH!

        I love ZOE, a couple of months ago I imported the anime boxed set, based in the game universe, from America (to Australia).

    This would be perfect if they throw the first game on there too.

  6. Cool!

  7. Best news ever!! hang on where’s SH1? damnit!!!!!

    • On the PS store, oh wait

  8. OMG – does this mean 3D Pyramid Head??
    It’s what 3D was made for!

    I will never be able to sleep again.

  9. ooohhhhhh yeeaahhhh!!!!
    I hope they do a really good job of this – and I’ll be in

  10. I have never played Silent Hill before was more into Resident Evil when I was little. But now I have a chance to check it out and will keep an eye out on this one.

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