Konami Offer Some Purchasers Of Silent Hill HD On Xbox 360 A Free Game

Last week Konami decided not to fix the Xbox 360 version of the Silent Hill HD collection, much to the displeasure of gamers across the world.

It appears the backlash has reached Konamis’ PR department and a few lucky gamers who complained and still had a receipt as proof of purchase were apparently able to claim a free game as compensation.

The list of games available included Silent Hill HD on PS3 which was patched to remove the bugs.

However, it appears that the offer is not available to all. Some gamers who emailed [email protected] received an apologetic email back but not an offer of a game.

Others have been offered an exchange rather than free game:

Should you retain a copy of your receipt dated before 08.08.2012, and it was purchased new from a recognized retailer, we may be able to offer you an exchange if you no longer wish to keep your copy of Silent Hill HD Collection for the Xbox 360.

European Xbox 360 Silent Hill gamers can contact Konami using their support form, might be worth a try if those bugs are just too much for you.

Source: CheapAssGamer


  1. Konami, here is a suggestion. FIX THE BLOODY THING! If Bugthesda can fix Rimlag on the PS3 then i’m sure that you can fix SH:HD on the 360.I suspect it is just a few bugs that need fixing as opposed to the typical 100+ bugs that bugthesda’s games usually have. Do that and sales may go up.

    • Some serious Bethesda hate going down right here.

  2. didn’t this turn out to have been fake?

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